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Conscious Rap Is Having Its Revival At A Pivotal Time

Conscious Rap Is Having Its Revival At A Pivotal Time

Poldi is a German rapper who deserves to be on your watch list. The German newcomer swaps showboating and fake streams for realness and a growing community.

The 20-year old has picked a good time to launch a career, with so many topics to take on board, with issues that affect his generation greatly. And that is what he wants to do through his music: cut out any lyrical fakeness, and over the top showing off, and instead focus on real-world issues. He wants to connect with his audience on a deeper level and make music that reflects the urgent issues and topics of the day. As he says ‘It’s not about showing off. I want people to feel as if we’re on the same level and have
similar issues. There wouldn’t be a point in talking about a lifestyle I don’t care about. I want people to know that I actually care about my listeners and the subjects I speak upon. This provides a special connection between the listener and the artist, which bragging about my wealth just won’t cut’.

For Leopold Karrer, aka Poldi, himself, it was what we would now deem old school rap that he grew up with. He has taken the values that came with that music and kept them with him as he does his own thing. He is signed to the label 99 Problemz Music, and it is going to be interesting to see what tracks he releases shortly. With a finger on the pulse of what is affecting his generation, there will always be plenty for him to rap about.

It is great to see a newcomer who has such a clear direction with where they want to go with their music and the messages they want to showcase. It will be an example of someone using their position to have a positive influence on young people, whilst making some good music in the process! Rap often gets a bad rep for its lyrical choices and corresponding videos, but artists like Poldi break the mould and show alternative ways of doing things. And if he inspires other budding young rappers to do the same, that can only be a very good thing.

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