Crypto: Safe Ocean is the official no-profit organizations currency

Crypto: Safe Ocean is the official no-profit organizations currency

It’s crazy to think that when we donate to no-profit organizations it takes so much time for them to get our money. Besides that, the commissions we (and they) pay on that donation is quite high. Imagine donating $1000,00 but knowing that they will only be able to invest $750 of your donation.

The impact is not as strong as your donation anymore and…

You’re basically giving away 25% of your donation to banks for no reason.

That amount of money could be used for investments in new technology that could speed the cleaning of the oceans and beaches from plastic and pollution.

But don’t worry! SafeOcean doesn’t make you waste it anymore.

Young bucks Luca Sanna and Francesco Bellu, as they define themselves as “nerds and ambient lists”, alongside the help of 2 marketing minds Giuseppe Sanna and Federico Sanna (already launched one successful crypto project in the legal marihuana space) created a cryptocurrency called SafeOcean to be the official currency of exchange between no-profit organizations and donors.

The benefits?

As they say “Send a million dollars to a no-profit organization in less than 5 minutes and pay less than a cup of coffee in commissions”.

SafeOcean finally can help you impact the world and they even pay you back!

You can actually make money from your donations (if it’s your interest).

They ask you to donate through them, they give you a 2% cash back stacked sent directly to your crypto wallet.

Things don’t end here.

The more it is used the more the value of your investment/donation increases, thanks to the regular movements of the market.


Because SafeOcean isn’t a stable coin like USDT.

The more people use it, the more it gets value.

And… SafeOcean isn’t touched by inflation. NONO.

In fact it’s completely decentralized, but still tax deductible.

Since February there have already been dozens of donations every single day to well selected organizations like SeaShepherd, Plastic Free, The Ocean Cleanup, Oceanus.

SafeOcean motivates its users to donate with a cash back program, hoping that in the next 5 years they will help finally clean the oceans and beaches from pollution all over the world.

Will you join its mission?

Join hundreds donors and investors and be an early bird to get the full value!

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