Dating on the Internet. How to choose a site and create a good impression

Dating on the Internet. How to choose a site and create a good impression

In the dating services, everything is at a glance – who are friends, who are nearby in photographs, what events a person attends, what he wrote in posts a year or two ago. There are a lot of girls, finding russian brides dating has not been a problem for a long time. You see the place of work, study of the person you are interested in.

Choosing a dating service is the main point

The quality of the site can be independently assessed by a number of criteria. For your convenience, we have compiled a checklist, according to which you can easily “drive out” any dating service. GoDateNow will be a good choice for both new users and those who have already tried themselves on other sites.

  • Free registration
  • Protection of personal information
  • Candidate filtering
  • The quality and quantity of questionnaires
  • Content moderation

Step out of virtual reality into real life

Quarantine will end soon, so don’t pin your hopes on dating sites and social networks. Smile at the people you like on the street and in cafes, go to events, play sports, travel alone and this will give you many chances to find your soul mate.

How to meet and communicate on the Internet

Tidy up your page

Your page in social networks or on a dating site should not be empty, but also not overloaded with various information, photos and all kinds of reposts. Remember that this is your “face”, which can tell a lot about you. At the same time, do not try to blind some kind of ideal image – be yourself.

Put a nice photo on your profile picture

Profile photos are important, but your profile picture is the first thing everyone notices. In no case do not put cats or pictures of celebrities – this is the worst solution. The avatar should be your current, and not a four-year-old photo where your face is visible.

According to statistics, women find men’s profile photos more attractive, and men – a woman’s face in full face.

First Like Rule

If you want to attract the attention of a person you like, put him like under the photo you like. And this rule works for both girls and guys.

But do not forget about the sense of proportion – do not like everything in a row. And, if there is no response, wait at least a day. And then you can leave a comment under the post.

Be humble and kind

When communication has begun, try to behave naturally – do not overwhelm the person with questions and stories, but do not try to be too restrained and cold. During communication, you can get to know each other a little, if, of course, your object of desire also shows interest in regular communication.

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