Day 2 Birmingham Test: How To Get Away With Low-Cost Covid Testing?

Day 2 Birmingham Test: How To Get Away With Low-Cost Covid Testing?

The day 2 test Birmingham was introduced to screen the passengers arriving in the UK and detect the virus in the earliest stage of infection. 

Since Covid-19 rules have been lifted for business travel and family holidays, the day 2 test in Birmingham is in high demand. However, we understand that adding the Covid-19 PCR testing to your regular trip expenses may be a problem. The affordable cost and quick response will help you save money so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

Who Should Get The Birmingham Day 2 Test?

According to the UK government, all returning passengers who have not been vaccinated (or who have been vaccinated by someone other than the NHS) must take a day 2 test when they arrive in England (rules for Scotland may vary) and on day 8 while self-isolating in their homes. Birmingham residents that have had both of their vaccine doses must take a PCR test which is referred to as the day 2 test in Birmingham and avoid leaving their homes until a negative result is obtained.

For travellers returning from red-listed destinations, the regulations are more complex and involve a 10 days quarantine in a hotel appointed by the government. Regulations may change between nations and airlines, and as a result, you should check the foreign office website for updates before your journey. Day 2 and 8 testing aids in tracking distinct COVID variations and provides more control over the virus’s transmission both within and beyond the UK.

For your convenience, the test comes in the form of a home testing kit with instructions. All samples taken from your nose and tonsils will be sent back to the lab for analysis.

What Does Self-isolation Involve?

You will be isolated for ten days if you are returning from a nation on the red list. Even if your tests are negative, you must still isolate for a 10-day period unless you decide to pay for a third test which can be taken on day 5 called test to release. The advantage of participating in the test to release scheme is that it allows you to cut your isolation short. If you obtain a negative test on day 5, you can leave isolation early and return to your daily routine. It’s vital to remember that if your destination country requires it, you must still complete your day eight exam even if you’re no longer in isolation.

What If You Get A Positive Result?

If any of your tests are positive, you should follow the most recent government recommendations for self-isolation and testing. You should not leave your home for the recommended period of time and avoid any direct contact with people.


Before boarding your flight you should make sure that you have your PLF completed, proof of your vaccination status and a booking reference for your day 2 test Birmingham, as this will be checked by the airline. To ensure that you are not spreading the virus to your friends and family and prevent coronavirus transmission, anyone who has not been wholly vaccinated must adhere to different limitations and perform Day Two and Day Eight tests upon returning to the UK.

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