Dedicated to cars, Mr. Gaurav Tingre has a sizable collection

Dedicated to cars, Mr. Gaurav Tingre has a sizable collection

You can tell you’re a car fanatic if you have an expensive collection, know a lot about different car brands and models, and take great care of your vehicle. One of these auto enthusiasts is businessman Gaurav Tingre. This young, successful businessman from Pune is an enthusiastic vehicle enthusiast with a passion for cars and unlimited knowledge.

Gaurav Tingre is a well-known social media influencer and auto enthusiast from Pune who is known for creating high-quality content about automobiles, luxury, inspiration, and happiness. Under the handle @gauravtingre, he has amassed a devoted following of thousands of Instagram users. He has also gained popularity in India’s automotive scene, where people want to see real people driving luxury and sports cars from all over the country and the world. His collection of valuable scale models is incredible.

Gaurav works as a partner at Raojee Constructions and Ceramic Pro Pune. He also founded the Pune Supercars Club and is an active member of the Indian Supercar Community. His hospitality management training also serves him well commercially. He enjoys amassing expensive shoes. When we ask Gaurav about cars, he says, “People look at cars as the only source of transportation from point A to point B, but for me, cars were an emotion; I am very protective about my cars.”

Gaurav has also been pursuing his inner desire to use social media to connect with millions of people all over the world. He uses his Instagram account to share various stories, highlights, and captions in order to spread more love, cheer, and happiness, as well as to share his knowledge and thoughts on cars and other industry-related information.

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