“Does the FasciaBlaster Get Rid of Cellulite:” How Ashley Black’s Myofascial Tool Phenomenon Blew the Glass Ceiling Off the Cellulite Market

“Does the FasciaBlaster Get Rid of Cellulite:” How Ashley Black’s Myofascial Tool Phenomenon Blew the Glass Ceiling Off the Cellulite Market

New Scientific study reveals the FasciaBlaster diminished Cellulite in 100% of participants

FasciaBlaster is breaking the glass ceiling by diminishing cellulite in 100% of its participants – even if the world isn’t ready to believe there is a cure for it.

Agony Aunts, PSA’s and “expert” dermatologist’s all swear by less-than revolutionary methods; ranging from serums and topical creams, to coffee-filled body scrubs, none of which address the fascia, just the fat and the skin. Which is baffling, because doctors know and report that the cause of cellulite is the fibrous tissue, aka the fascia. So why are these so-called cures aimed at the fat or the skin, when the cause is fascia?

Sure, there’s the ACCEPTED notion that cellulite has no cure. So even when studies come out – like Black’s peer reviewed and published study with ultrasound and blood evidence, there is still the outdated BELIEF system that cellulite has no cure that has straggled into our modern culture. 

Of course, there are treatments available that may reduce its appearance, such as the aforementioned fat and skin remedies as well as procedures that are risky, expensive, and invasive – and don’t provide a long-term solution.

So why hasn’t a cure been discovered before now? The answer is quite simple. First of all, there are few fascia experts in existence, as fascia is not taught in medical schools. And most fascia enthusiasts devote their careers to the health side of fascia and not the beauty. The fact is that fascia experts don’t study cellulite and cellulite experts don’t study fascia.

This, to spite the knowledge that the root cause of cellulite is the FASCIA. This is not a secret. A study from Mayo Clinic reports that “the fibrous connective cords [the vertical fascia penetrating the fat] tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. Ultimately, this creates an uneven surface or dimpling.”

Author of The Cellulite Myth, Ashley Black, has piggy-backed the knowledge that fascia cords cause cellulite, and even though cellulite was never the focus of her multi-decade long career in fascia, she’s adapted her fascia solutions to the cure of cellulite. Black is inventor of the groundbreaking FasciaBlaster –  a “massing tool” that was invented to loosen up the fascia and help professional athletes thrive game to game. After her clients began to report smoother skin, Black made the connection between her fascia tool and cellulite and decided to retain the respected research lab, the Applied Science Performance Institute.

Her study; The Effects of Fascia Manipulation with Fascia Devices on Myofascial Tissue, Subcutaneous Fat and Cellulite in Adult Womenstate that the fascia is “a sheath and spider-like connective tissue network that runs throughout the body, which determines the physical properties of the human tissue because it consists of collagen and fibrotic protein.” What this means is that excess adipose tissue retention occurs, because fibrous connective tissue hides fat in discrete packets along the fascia. In plain English, the fascia holds fat in pockets causing the look of cellulite. Her study proved that by regenerating the fascia tissue below the skin, the skin and fat would become smooth. This was seen in ultrasound images below the skin and at the skin’s surface with controlled photography.

Could something so simple, non-invasive and inexpensive be the magic bullet? Does the FasicaBlaster get rid of cellulite?

It’s a big project, for a direct to consumer product to anti up the millions of dollars it takes to conduct this level of research. It is especially refreshing considering no other fascia device, massager or beauty device has this level of scientific relevance. And no other medical device, not even stem cells or expensive spa treatments have ever shown ultrasound evidence that regenerating tissue is even possible.

As far as the FasciaBlaster getting rid of cellulite, the “The Effects of Fascia …” found that

100% of the participants in the study had a major reduction of cellulite. Furthermore, the study showed that fascia manipulation or using the FasciaBlaster is safe, effective, and non-invasive in its approach to reducing the appearance of surface cellulite. The three images below were taken at the skin surface at baseline and 90 days. You can clearly see the drastic difference in skin and cellulite in these before and after pictures.

The clinical study was based around 33 adult women, and a control group – in the 33-43 age bracket. Each participant was instructed to self-administer fascia manipulation protocols using the FasciaBlaster, for a total of five days a week, during a 90 day period. Results were determined by performing an ultrasound, as well as measuring the participants’ torso for body composition, metabolism, tissue surrounding the subcutaneous fat, and blood chemistries for 90 days. To prevent a null hypothesis, the women were informed they couldn’t exercise, nor change their diet. The participants were basically not allowed to change any variable in their life except using the FasciaBlaster system as directed by the scientists.


The results are simple. Cellulite was diminished drastically and in most cases completely eradicated. The subdermal fat was determined to have drastically reduced as well, without the overall body fat reducing, suggesting the tools can spot reduce fat in stubborn areas like inner thighs. All the other support data such as blood analysis and metabolic testing confirmed that healthy collagen production was occuring. Collagen is the building protein for the “collagen matrix that supports the skin.” The collagen matrix is another name for the fascia system, the root cause of cellulite. The results were further validated by an increase in healthy hormones such as irisin, “the exercise hormone”,  and an increase in metabolism.  The FasciaBlaster tools were also proven to be safe, without taxing the detox systems, and participants only experienced mild symptoms such as bruising and fatigue. The fascia tissue of the thighs remodeled – The very system that is KNOWN to cause cellulite remodeled. Remodeling is a powerful word, because it means “regenerating on its own.” The FasciaBlaster tools appear to set off a chain reaction where the body repairs itself. How do we know? These ultrasound images of the participants at Baseline, 30, 60 and 90 Days. If the FasciaBlaster getting rid of cellulite is still in question, these ultrasounds are pretty convincing. The fascia, the cause of cellulite, remember, is remodeled, or regenerated in these progressive ultrasound photos. This is a key piece of scientific data and eliminates the opinion that the Fasciablaster does not get rid of cellulite. It’s very difficult to argue with study-wide ultrasounds that all show the same thing – tissue regeneration of the system of the body that is the root cause of cellulite.

Arguments have been made about the validity of the FasciaBlaster, with Internet reports of customers reporting bruising, but  Black continues to point out that this is all part of the healing process with tissue regeneration. Their website eases fears with a detailed blog, highlighting the healing process with peer-reviewed studies, and diagrams emphasizing the restoration of the tissue.

The study suggests full restoration of the tissue takes approximately 90 days, but Black states that the maintenance is a lifelong process. On the company website they keep things fun, saying to “Brush your hair, Brush your teeth, Brush your fascia” suggesting that FasciaBlasting is part of a healthy lifestyle.

While the study showed the groundbreaking effects the FasciaBlaster has on its subjects, the company itself prefers to focus its efforts on learning to love your body and skin, all the while emphasizing its peer-reviewed sources.

Ashley Black, named Entrepreneur of the Year by the American Business Association in 2020, has publicly struggled with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as a bone eating infection that left her crippled. Her passion revolves around the broad spectrum that healthy fascia can impact, and having the FasciaBlaster get rid of cellulite is a nice byproduct.

Black’s invention has certainly turned heads in the entertainment world; everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Molly Sims have been trending while promoting the FasciaBlaster, while the product itself has been featured on elite shows, such as The Today Show, Extra, and even Primer Impacto in the Latin media market and been featured in W Magazine, Forbes and Harpers Bizarre.

When questioned about her organization’s global impact, Black cites the passion of her customers as a testament to their desire for non invasive, healthy and sustainable solutions for their health and beauty dilemmas. Furthermore, Black boasts her ability as an innovator in muscle recovery as the success factor behind FasciaBlaster. “I could fix things that trainers couldn’t by breaking-up adhesions,” she says.

Black shared in an interview with Forbes that she “will not stop until every man, woman and child on this planet knows that they have fascia and that with healthy fascia, you can have exponentially better health. Believe me, this small amount of success with cellulite is just a drop in the bucket for me.”

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