DOKODEMO is setting up a new branch office in UK

DOKODEMO is setting up a new branch office in UK

London – E-commerce platform DOKODEMO is setting up its new branch office at 100 Bishopsgate, London on 29 November (Tuesday). This will be DOKODEMO first office in European which is an important milestone for the company and the wider e-commerce industry.

DOKODEMO has been exposed to the European markets since 2020 and remotely relied so much on the international users. It is also important that the company office is present and visible to provide the services for the partner and users in Europe. By having an office in the London city that listed in the digital directory will allow both the partners and users to find the location easily. In addition to that, the physical space in UK shows that the company is tangible and legitimate. It also provides a comfortable place for employees and users to interact on a first-hand basis.

As of today, the European Ecommerce market is still very resilient, and a lot of European users know this. Therefore, due to the travel restrictions also, the company decided to set up a branch office in London, so that European partners and users can expect a higher level of customer service and experience. Although opening a new office in London is challenging, but DOKODEMO has the confident and they know it will be a success because the company really believe they are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors in terms of what they offer.

DOKODEMO is committed to providing coaching, mentorship and involvement with other technology-driven initiatives to bring everyone one step closer to their dreams, and to let all the merchants and users know that the company is always here to stay.

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Contact Person: TAGUCHI, Morimasa



Address: 100 Bishopsgate, London, United Kingdom, EC2M 1GT


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