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‘Dylan Sesco Brings You Along On The Somethin’ Or Other Tour On Youtube

‘Dylan Sesco Brings You Along On The Somethin’ Or Other Tour On Youtube

The internet is full of fun and engaging content that is begging for our attention every single minute, but not all content is created equally. Most of us are looking for something special when we spend time following internet personalities. We chase unique experiences, entertainment, and a certain level of relatability. When Dylan Sesco and Cole set out to make The Somethin’ or Other Tour [SOOT.TV], it was with this understanding in mind. These two brothers come together to provide you with a collection of wild content that takes you on an energy-fueled journey built on exploration, comedy, and some good old-fashioned chaos.

The Brothers

At the core of The Somethin’ or Other Tour [SOOT.TV] channel is host Dylan Sesco and his brother Cole Scott. These two siblings are driven by a desire to live life to the fullest, which is exactly what they aim to showcase in their show. With a fun and energetic display, these two take their hilarious personalities on a tour through a wide variety of experiences, making each week a new adventure that you are invited to come along for. As would be expected, these two are high-energy and always looking for a good time or a quick laugh no matter where they end up.

The Show

The Somethin’ or Other Tour [SOOT.TV] is a show that goes above and beyond when it comes to embodying the full chaotic spectrum of the internet. Unlike other shows that rely on bringing you the same old thing week after week, Dylan Sesco and Cole work hard to make sure that no two weeks are ever alike. Every single week, they set out to take their audience on a completely unique journey as they chase down a new kind of experience.

This charming duo has been known to go on many an original adventure with hilarious and engaging results. Some of their experiences are everyday instances like attending a ball game, but these two have a knack for taking the mundane and turning it into something incredible. Whether it is backstage access at a big stadium or even just capturing the energy of a crowd during a big moment, Dylan Sesco and Cole perfectly embody the beautiful complexity of the human experience.

The real perk to their channel is that they really do have content for all audiences. As long as you like laughing and having a little fun, you will no doubt be captivated as you watch these brothers explore abandoned properties, try new hobbies, and visit some of the country’s most engaging events in real time. No matter what your interests are, chances are that this dynamic duo will have something that will catch your interest and hold onto it through several of their videos.


In a world where we are all constantly being fed our fill of content options, there is nothing more important than remaining original and always chasing bigger and better. This pair of brothers is setting out to bring you engaging content that will leave you nothing short of stoked to see what they do next. Give them a follow and tag along for the ride!

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