Earl Grey and Lady Grey Will Relax You with the Aroma of Bergamot Oil

There is an inherent quality in tea. It can be arranged in a wide range of combinations. So, tea lovers can enjoy a totally unique experience of taste every time they explore a new variety of tea. Adding to the diversity of your tea wish-list, we are here with a comprehensive overview of two widely cherished tea products; Earl Grey and Lady Grey. Through this write up, we will shade some light on different aspects of Earl Grey and Lady Grey.

Let us dive into the details.

Why Earl Grey and Lady Grey find a hot seat for discussion among tea lovers?

These two products enjoy a position of hot discussion in the gatherings of tea lovers. This is usually because of the names of these tea products. There is a natural curiosity in the names. Tea lovers are compelled to find the explanation and differences between the both. The most satisfying explanation for this query is that the Lady Grey is also the product of same company Twinings and it also has an exquisite aroma of bergamot oil but, it is targeted to satisfy the taste buds of those consumers who find Earl Grey to be too intense in taste. This is the interesting reason behind the name of Lady Grey.

The fact that Earl Grey is intense in taste makes it an interesting choice of tea lovers. So, it is Imperative learn more about it.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a black tea flavored with bergamot oil. The sensational citrus taste of bergamot makes it one of the most coveted tea flavors around the world. It enriches the taste buds with a strong wave of exciting sensation. Moreover, its satisfying aroma sends a message of relaxing vibe with every sip.

There are various speculations behind the naming of this product. Some traditions associate it with the story of Earl Grey and Chinese but there is no any substantiating evidence. Well, it is true that the Earl Grey existed even before 1820 in the UK. The Western people made it by mixing the black tea with bergamot oil. It is most likely that the tea houses played a monumental role in marketing this flavor of tea.

The leaves used in Earl Grey are generally mild-tasting. They originate from India, China, or Sri Lanka and are often used in a cut and sifted form. Traditionally, Earl Grey was made by scenting the tea leaves with the bergamot fruit and letting them to dry up together. However, the modern variations of Earl Grey are made with extracted bergamot oil.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey is a registered variety of Earl Grey. It’s not an old blend. It appeared on the scenes in 1990s. It has gained a significant space in tea market due to its softer touch and the lesser quantity but same aroma of bergamot oil.

A similar process is followed in the making of Lady Grey as that of the Earl Grey, but it also contains dried lemons and the orange peels.. As a result Lady Grey results in softer and more delicate fruit notes.


Both the products are a quite distinct from each other in taste. Both are directed towards different types of consumers. Earl Grey is a favored choice for those who love to enjoy intense tea flavors whereas, Lady Grey is specifically for those tea consumers who prefer a tea flavor that is more aromatic but lighter to taste buds.

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