Enthralling the world with his immaculate visions and passion as a social media influencer is Mik Zenon

Enthralling the world with his immaculate visions and passion as a social media influencer is Mik Zenon

The man who garnered 3 million followers in 14 months as a social media influencer in the affiliate marketing space gives tips to other aspiring professionals.

The minute we hear something about social media, we naturally get more excited to know about the latest updates in the industry, its growth and the many success stories it has created so far. What experts had predicted a few years ago about the digital world today is a reality in many ways, where it has compelled businesses and brands to be a part of the online industry and thrive digitally. Mik Zenon from Toronto, Canada, made the most of these opportunities and today is living a dream career as a high-performing and successful social media influencer and content creator in the affiliate marketing industry.

“The life that I live today as a social media influencer, making meaningful yet entertaining videos on my Amazon Finds, is the life I believe I was destined to live. My videos have connected a chord with my audience, which has compelled me to do better with every video I create, ensuring I put in the right amount of information, entertainment, and a comic touch, which can grab more eyeballs and hold people’s attention,” says Mik Zenon, who first made a 100-part Amazon Finds series entitled “Amazon Products You Need (Or Don’t)” and then extended it to 365 parts, thanks to popular demand.

For Mik Zenon, it is not about the numbers. Some of his videos have earned over 30 million views, but his favourite ones are those where he has connected with his audience, like one of his response videos, where he shares his humour. 

Giving a few tips to other aspiring professionals to make it as social media influencers, Mik Zenon suggests –

  • Create content: Mik Zenon says that no matter what the occupation is of an individual, they must create compelling and engaging content consistently.
  • Put yourself out there: It is imperative for people to understand that irrespective of their work, whether it is packaging boxes at Amazon or building driveways in people’s homes, individuals need to put themselves out there and try to create their unique standing as social media influencers.
  • Create opportunities: Though social media provides innumerable opportunities, individuals must sometimes create newer ones for them to discover many more ways to thrive in their niche, creating unique success.
  • Offer something new: There are already too many social media influencers who are following what others are doing. However, to stand out, one must focus on working around their USP and providing value to people.

What is astounding to know is that Mik Zenon attained towering heights of success as a social media influencer in just 14 months and earned 3 million followers, 1 billion views and millions of dollars in revenue in the e-commerce industry. Creating relatable content is at the core of the success he has achieved in his career so far, focusing on making visually engaging videos, having a storyline that can hold people’s attention, and are entertaining.

Do not forget to visit the website, https://c8ke.com/mik.zenon or to follow him on Instagram @mik.zenon to know more.

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