Eric Nyxx on bringing good vibes and energy to every party

Eric Nyxx on bringing good vibes and energy to every party

Music accompanies us at all times. While we work, while we are in the car or on the street walking, and what to say at parties, where the most important thing is music.

It connects us to levels that no other work of art can do. The music in our lives transports us with information that arrives at the same time at multiple levels of our being; several notes and rhythms are mixed achieving unique combinations that are recorded in us.

Music is also capable of awakening emotions and moods in us. Much has been said about the ” Mozart Effect ” and the importance of early stimulation with music in babies even before they were born.

Creative inspiration

Music is creativity in itself.

It is a means that allows the cohesion between individuals of different characteristics, offering each of them a space within the group that makes it unique and necessary.

Music is a universal language of communication understood by all that connects the continents and overcomes distances and cultures.

It reaches the depths of people by transferring a feeling, an experience, an idea that, in one way or another, causes an internal movement in the human being.

Personal development, growth and personal improvement is the objective that is intended in life through a process of transformation in which the person adopts new ideas or ways of thinking to generate new behaviors and attitudes that result in an improvement in their quality of life through achievements of objectives or goals.

This transformation needs a true inspiration that can start from the emotional world or from personal reflection, but that passes through ourselves to consciously seek a change in life.

Music is a powerful art. Inspire, stimulate the creation and transformation of ourselves and by the same laws of cause and effect, the type of music we listen to drives us towards one behavior or toward another.

Listening to sentimental, aggressive or high tension music provokes different effects in people and social groups. We have all experienced it. It is even a marketing technique so that consumers in a supermarket, for example, buy in a more relaxed or agile way.

The power of music in the human being

Music stimulates the brain for the creation of new ideas as well as to conciliate the dream. It helps us, depending on the musical genre and type of melody, to manage stress or make us feel alive.

An art that accompanies us and that has left traces of its presence from the first steps of the human being on Earth. We do not know how to do without it.

This reflection leads us to the conclusion that music is so important for human beings because it connects with its spiritual aspect. Music is played with instruments and listened to with the ears, but it goes far beyond sound waves.

Music brings us closer to the spiritual dimension of the person because it is a reality that overcomes the same matter and predisposes us to a higher human dimension of openness to transcendence and contact with others.

It is fundamental for our personal growth. Enjoy the music!

About Eric Nyxx

Born in Brooklyn New York in 1994, Eric Nyxx’s parents put him on to the likes of late 1990’s and early 2000’s electronic dance music. Acts like ATB, Tiesto, Carl Cox and Paul van Dyk from over 15 years ago made Eric fall in love with electronic dance sounds. Hip-hop was also a huge influence on Eric’s ears. 50 Cent and Eminem opened up a whole new wave of sounds that Eric collected. Following his dream of making and playing music, Eric was enrolled in a media junior high school that thought the fundamentals of music production. Throughout high school, Eric DJ’d at parties and produced his own sounds with digital audio workstations. It was in college that Eric got his moniker Nyxx. Eric became heavily involved in throwing parties and running nightclubs in the heart of New York City via his company Nyxx Hospitality. Nyxx pronounced like Eric’s favorite team Knicks, stood for everything New York X-citing, and in Greek mythology Nyxx is the goddess of night. Naturally, the nickname stuck with Eric. Eric Nyxx now lives in Miami Florida producing music and Dj’ing full time. Today it is impossible to categorize DJ /Producer Eric Nyxx to one genre. His love for music has grown to many sub-genres like house, deep house, afro house, tech house, techno, trap and hip-hop. 2018 is Eric’s breakout year with his first release More to Life a sample of what is to come with many many more releases up his sleeve.

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