Fake DJs and the situation of DJs in Iran by Shoeib Mardani “Shebi” Famous Iranian musicians and DJs

Fake DJs and the situation of DJs in Iran by Shoeib Mardani “Shebi” Famous Iranian musicians and DJs

DJ Nema is a person who does not specialize not only in composing, arranging, remixing, podcasting! He is even weak, beginner and unprofessional in performing DJ Gray techniques! At this level, people are more focused on the appearance and style of the DJ and only appear in the role of a player! Usually, these people are strangers to learning the principles of DJ training and pay more attention to the income-generating aspect of DJs for weddings.

DJ in Iran is facing obstacles and restrictions to a large extent! This is because composers and electronic music edm editors are not allowed to hold concerts in person! Recently, however, licenses have been issued by the Ministry of Guidance for DJs to perform singles during concerts by some pop singers.

But now most DJs in Iran perform music at weddings and parties to earn money from their art and expertise! Of course, DJs in Iran, like other countries, are classified in different classes A-B-C-D in terms of quality and performance!

In recent years, with the elimination of live music for parties and the replacement of DJs for weddings instead of orchestras, people who used to perform live music have turned to DJs with the dissolution of their bands! On the other hand, due to the good income of DJs for weddings, people outside the world of art and music, without passing DJ training with their market businesses, due to the ability to create excitement behind the microphone and behind the DJ device, enter They did this art and profession!

Listening to a DJ’s portfolio and resume published in the form of a remix or podcast, can be effective in recognizing and choosing a good DJ who is proficient in DJing techniques!!

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