Famz: 19 Year old Young Entrepreneur makes £250,000 profit in Dropshipping

Famz: 19 Year old Young Entrepreneur makes £250,000 profit in Dropshipping

Famz, is the owner of a thriving dropshipping company and is taking the dropshipping industry world by storm, as a young UK based entrepreneur he will like to shares his success story and what it is like to become a successful entrepreneur at such a young age.

For Famz success is not a 9 to 5 job, his ideology of success is quiet different from that of his peers. While in school, he had always wanted to do something on his own and be his own boss. Famz did not want to report to somebody or work under anybody. And so his journey towards becoming a serial entrepreneur began. It’s been 4 years now and Famz has been a successful business owner and he is very happy. In this age where the teens and youth occupy themselves with video games, hangouts, clubbing and doing all the exciting things in life; FAMZ chose to spend his interesting teen phase developing a business plan.

Just like any other individual, Famz too wanted to drive the most luxurious of cars, wear the best of designer clothes and live in a deluxe house. And so he went on to pursue his dream. It was not a smooth journey and since he was young, Famz too made his share of mistakes. But he overcame all that along with the fear that comes with failure. He moved on after one of his first investments failed. And it is this positive and never give up attitude that led to the success during his 4 years of journey as a young entrepreneur. Famz now lives in a mansion in a gated community and aims at keeping his aspirations high. There are very few self-motivated individuals and who learn from their mistakes. Famz is one of them and here is wishing him the best of luck in his business ventures.

About FAMZ

Famz is a young entrepreneur based in the  United Kingdom who started his own eCommerce business at the age of 16. Famz is now just 19 and already runs different drop shipping stores along with a successful eCommerce store.



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