Five Reasons to Read Feminist Literature

Five Reasons to Read Feminist Literature

Feminism is more than just a movement; it’s the driving force for all women suppressed by the patriarchal structure of almost all societies. In the 18th century, the earliest seeds of feminism were sown. It was a fight for survival for any woman that tried to do more than raise children and look after a household. As time passed, we understood that women wanted to do more than demand equal rights; they were willing to fight for them. They were going to conquer and rebuild the world in their own image.

This raises a fundamental question: how do we inspire all women to unleash their true potential? Feminist literature is a great way to help young women and even men understand the true essence of feminism and its values. There’s much more to feminist literature than meets the eye. Experts suggest this literature gave birth to the concept of modern female empowerment, a phenomenon that has positively impacted our fast-evolving society. Following are a few more reasons why one should read feminist literature.


Realist fiction that described women’s lives and work ethic was a mainstay of literature during the First Wave of Feminism. Several books were released in response to their need to control their destiny. They wished to be lauded by a society of men for doing so. Marry Ellman’s “Thinking About Women,” Germaine Greer’s “The Female Eunuch,” and Kate Millet’s “Sexual Politics” were a few pieces of literature with strong feminist leanings. Such books helped ignite the spark of the movement against male attitudes toward the supposed “weaker sex.”

Gender Criticism

It’s not just about having a female lead character in a novel. A millennia’s worth of rectification is needed to transform the culture of male dominance and patriarchy. Feminist literature not only focuses on women but also attempts to correct imbalance within storylines. For instance, G Michael Smith’s The Prison of Power: A Man-Made Tale explores a new world order where women control all aspects of society. The reversal highlights the inequalities of a  male-dominated world.

Focuses on Varying Sexual Orientation

The best part of feminism is its support for the oppressed, regardless of gender, socioeconomic level, color, or creed. Traditionalists have long trifled with people on these themes, while Feminism has always raised a powerful voice against such blatant propaganda and bias. Feminist literature is a front runner in facilitating discussions, incorporating characters with varied sexual orientations, or representing gender neutrality. Tereska Torrès’ Women’s Barracks, released in 1950, was the first instance where lesbian characters were presented as strong, pivotal characters in literature. A total of 2 million copies were sold in the first five years of its publication.

Women Entrepreneurs

Female motivational speakers and authors talk about how women are the face of businesses today. But people often question, are they doing anything to inspire young girls to become business leaders? If they aren’t, then feminist literature surely is. New and diverse storylines present female characters, against all odds, who have found their way to the top through determination and perseverance. G Michael Smith’s The Prison of Power: A Man-Made Tale also shares different fictional stories where women have established dominance. The story uses satire to show how difficult it is to rule with empathy, understanding, positivity, fairness, and justice – even for women.

More Than Just A Housewife

Since its inception, feminist literature has been all about the battles the female characters fight in and outside their homes. It’s high time the world realizes that women are more than just housewives and homemakers. If given equal opportunity and the same privileges men possess in our society, women can surpass men in ways the world has never imagined.

“We need women at all levels in a work environment, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and paid heed to, not overlooked and ignored.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Summing Up

Feminist literary presence helps us look at literature differently. By incorporating the philosophies and perspectives of feminism, books undermine sexual and gender stereotypes imposed by misogynistic men who have ruled the world for millennia. It’s time to stop the misogynistic line of thinking and embark on a journey to a better and brighter tomorrow for all. Perhaps women will lead humankind to a kinder, more prosperous world.

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