Dr. Su, a Made In India brand, launched Glow x Grow, a powerhouse blend of pure nutrition in the nutraceutical market. The product has garnered a lot of traction in a very short time. Dr. Su says “It is the people that make Brand Dr. Su what it is today and we are proud to be a people’s brand” after a successful pre-launch. Glow x Grow has brought together experts from 3 different walks of life: The Farmers, who have hand-picked these ingredients. The Researchers, who have tested the right proportions and mix of these ingredients, The Doctor, who knows what’s best for your hair and skin.

Glow x Grow has taken years of planning. It is made up of 38 best global ingredients, each of which has been studied carefully in detail. Unlike other health powders and drinks, Glow x Grow has no added sugars, no added artificial flavors, and no added colors. The blend is truly only goodness, no fakeness! The product strives to eliminate skin and hair issues at the root. Dr. Su’s 5-a-day rule which

has been widely accepted by the audience states that Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Fiber, and Probiotics are the five essential nutrients that one needs to take every single day for great skin and hair. Here’s why

  • Vitamins help reduce dark spots, protect against free radicals in skin and hair, and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Minerals help in the proper functionality of the body, reduce common skin irritation, and help reduce hair loss.
  • Antioxidants improve hair growth, help fight acne, slow down skin aging and reduce the risk of many diseases.
  • Probiotics boost the immune system, reduce acne breakouts,improve gut health and strengthen the hair.
  • Fiber promotes hair growth, improves the circulation of blood, and helps to clear acne.

Glow x Grow has managed to bring all the five nutrients into one product, making it one of a kind in the market. Dr. Su mentions that her community has been the inspiration in formulating the product and introducing it to the world. Ever since the launch of the product, the response from the community has been beyond overwhelming and they were completely sold out within just the pre-launch phase. Dr. Su, the Formulator and World’s First Acneologist as lovingly called by her patients has built a community of over half a million people on Instagram alone, who are the heart and soul of the brand.

Through this page, she wanted to help her audience tackle skin and hair issues via her holistic approach. One such remedy that she shared was called “magic drink”. “Magic Drink,” which has already become a household phenomenon for many, is a simplified version of the master formula, which is now known as “Glow x Grow.” Magic drink, which is loved by lakhs of people, is now “Glow x Grow”, which is even bigger and better. And not to forget, the community has been the core of everything at Glow x Grow. The community has been the biggest driving force for such a successful prelaunch. Thousands of pictures, feedback, and experiences are already pouring in making Glow x Grow a people’s

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