Golden tips about singing by Reza Sajedi, a famous Iranian musician and singer

Golden tips about singing by Reza Sajedi, a famous Iranian musician and singer

 Poor sound chords mean you can not do the above points well. Mom …. Hmmm …….. Do the same in different notes instead of two …. and wait at least a few minutes after that. When you need to read with a high note. Do not be too hard, relax and allow your voice to rise slowly and slowly. But continue to control and hold if your voice has to be high. You will get a bad note. Neither frozen nor hot and very hot, this is good for your vocal cords because it simply hydrates them and makes your mucus or mucus too clean. Cold water will shock and intensify your vocal cords and throat. Make Deep Breathing a Habit for Your Diaphragm Practice doing deep breathing daily, instead of taking a slow breath instead of taking a deep breath, and keeping the air inside your chest, if you are breathing properly. Your lower abdomen expands, not your chest. In ordinary writing and notes, phrases are often arranged using commas or other punctuation marks, but may not be punctuation marks. Review the poem before you start reading. And learn these signs in the right place and breathe in between these signs. You should practice breathing so that you can sing without tension, panting or flashing. . When you sing, record your voice to see if it sounds pleasant or irritating. Listen to your voice with an open mind, and if it does not sound really good, do not convince yourself that everything is right. Try to improve the timing and expression of your phrases with different models of chest and nose tones, accents and styles to get what suits you and have a good friend who can make constructive criticism. And give you useful. Look at people while singing, which may be uncomfortable at first but you get used to it by practicing. If looking at a person makes you angry, try looking at their forehead or shoulders, and you can even practice in front of a mirror before performing in front of people.

Short biography of Reza Sajedi

Reza Sajedi ( رضا ساجدی )  is a famous Iranian singer and pop musician. Reza has released many official music that can be found in a short search in global markets.

Reza was born on September 30, 1995. His full name is Reza Sajedi Abkenar. He entered the field of music at the age of 13 and studied pop with the country’s top professors.

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