Google Pixel 9 Is Expected To Feature An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader

Google Pixel 9 Is Expected To Feature An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Reader

Google Pixel smartphones have previously encountered several difficulties that have persisted between generations of the series.

Concerns have been raised about outdated camera sensors, limited wide cameras, and slow charging speeds, as well as the finicky fingerprint sensor.

As reported by Android Authority, Google appears to be planning a remedy for the next Pixel 9 Series with the addition of an ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It has been suggested that the biometric security enhancement will be applied to the entire lineup, including the standard Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and the larger Pixel 9 Pro XL.

They will all employ Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen 2 (QFS4008) sensor, which is said to be more durable and perform better than optical sensors. They are believed to be faster, more precise, and less influenced by moisture or residue on the user’s finger.

Google Provides A Signal Of Intent

This update will help to address some of the previous criticism leveled at the tech giant, specifically the Pixel line. They will now be outfitted with the same technology found in Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, which could indicate Google’s ambitions.

It is now lagging behind Samsung, Apple, and Motorola in terms of top phone sales for 2024, but the corporation could try to persuade the market that it aims to equal the quality and performance of competitors.

Not all Google products will get the upgraded feature, with the Pixel Fold 2 expected to keep its side capacitive sensor.

The sensor upgrade appears to be timed to coincide with the Pixel 9 series’ presentation, which is scheduled for August 13. This is an earlier-than-usual launch for Google as it strives to gain a larger share of the smartphone industry.

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