Google’s new Offers tab in the Play Store is official, with deals on apps, games, and more

Google’s new Offers tab in the Play Store is official, with deals on apps, games, and more

Toward the end of last year, Google began testing a new Offers tab on the Play Store. As a different section from the pre-existing “Offers and notifications” section, it showed up with its own tab in the bottom navigation bar, giving quick access from anyplace in the application. Following that limited rollout, Google has authoritatively reported the new section, promoting it as a method for working on your app shopping experience exponentially.

In a blog post describing the feature, the organization says Offers on the Play Store will “help you discover deals in games and apps across travel, shopping, media & entertainment, fitness, and more.” Basically, when you access Offers, the app provides you with a selection of carousels showcasing the best sales on games, apps, movie rentals, books, and more.

You can even track down offers on in-game things at times, as well as temporarily free applications. For certain offers, you may likewise see the end date for them. It attempts to give you astounding deals on the stuff you may really want to purchase.

It’s surely a difference in pace from the current “Offers and notifications” section. For one’s purposes, it’s in a much better position, easily accessible from anyplace in the application rather than taking cover behind your profile icon. It’s additionally undeniably more extensive, spreading over every category accessible on the Play Store.

Google says its rollout of the feature has already started, with more clients in the US, India, and Indonesia getting it within the coming weeks. Extra nations are set to be added consistently. Assuming you’re in any of those three markets, soon you can take advantage of some extraordinary app deals and discounts.

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