Haig Bakhtiarian- writer and producer’s new song ‘FANTASY’ is ruling the music charts.

<strong>Haig Bakhtiarian- writer and producer’s new song ‘FANTASY’ is ruling the music charts.</strong>

We are near the first quarter of 2022. Many singers show their versatile talent with new solos. The trend of writing is changing, and now we are seeing more urban and out-of-the-box video songs that are good for listening to and best when you see them on every platform. FANTASY by Haig Bakhtiarian is a kind of song that gives you the best of both worlds while hearing but also has the best visuals.

Being a Music Producer, Haig Bakhtiarian knows what audiences need from singers and labels. Gone is the time when songs were appreciated only for voices. Now people want extra spice visually too. Haig Bakhtiarian provides that extra sauce in his songs. Thanks to his creativity, all his songs have done well on Spotify and other music channels.

In the past, his songs like far away, love me, right here, and take under control did a fantastic job on Spotify and other music streams. Love me got good responses from couples worldwide then far away got viewership of young ones and right here was for all generations which loved by all age music lovers.

FANTASY is also getting similar fame thanks to the graphics and visual treat he has given in the song. The lyrics are incredibly fresh and very groovy, and easy to remember. It will be the new party song of 2022.

Haig Bakhtiarian, as producer, knows how to present the song in our era. He looks after all the small to small things as a music producer. You can say he is a one-person army that gives all his skills with hard work to give song justice before it comes alive for the public.

We wish this young writer and Music Producer all the best for his latest ventures. Keep on promoting young talent from your label Haig Bakhtiarian.


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