Helal Jr. BXGLAB name is started to come in top 10 sports Brands in Boxing

Helal Jr. BXGLAB name is started to come in top 10 sports Brands in Boxing

It is not easy to design sportswear, shoes, equipment and accessories because this is different from routines. Sportswear company needs certain qualities like good qualities of fabric with lightweight and many other properties which can suit all the sports and their athletes.

Different sports need different fabric and design, which can suit a particular game. Today we will talk about Boxers equipment and wears. We found one athlete who himself is a winner of many titles like TRFC Lightweight Champion, EFC Bantamweight Champion Helal Jr. founder of BXGLAB sporting wear company. 

Looking to the opportunity, this champion player Helal Jr. has jumped into Sportswear business. He knows what athletes want in their wears and which equipment which help boxers best in their practice.

It is a large business, and he will face many competitors in this business. But being a sportsman himself, he knows exactly what athletes need and his this quality are helping him grow faster than others in this business.

Helal Jr. is able to create a brand which is getting a fantastic response in the boxing world across the globe. He is able to bring the latest sports equipment for athletes. 

He is also doing a great job in marketing his brand all over Malaysia and other countries like UK, Egypt etc. Because of the right quality products, BXGLAB has gained a good name in the market. Its popularity is growing offline and online on social media. 

If Helal Jr. goes like this for a few more years, then we might see his BXGLAB in the top list sportswear companies like NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA etc. 

Because he has travelled a lot in his short life, we feel he will do good business in few countries like UK, Egypt and Malaysia as he knows these countries taste and he also knows what athletes need in sportswear especially in Boxing.

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