Helping people in their struggles, Ferozpuria humanity club is setting a great example for others

Helping people in their struggles, Ferozpuria humanity club is setting a great example for others

The world is full of people who donate a grain of rice and brag about donating a sack. However, some treat charity as a lifestyle. They believe in being kind with the purpose of helping and not publicity. Ferozpuria Humanity Club is one such organization. Based in Punjab, the organization believes in the traditional adage that if one hand donates, the other must not come to know. The founder says that the adage is old, but its essence is evergreen. While the founding members were involved in acts of kindness and charity activities long before, Ferozpuria Humanity club got registered as a non-profit organization in 2020.

Honesty, service, and the principle of Sikhism are at the core of this philanthropic organization. They have only one mission and that is to reduce the suffering of people. The primary focus of their philanthropic efforts lies on those struggling after disasters like earthquakes, bushfires, epidemics, etc. They have been involved with covid relief activities ever since they came into existence. Their efforts for covid relief include helping laborers find a livelihood, offering food to affected families, helping with hospital and medicine expenses, etc.

Their core values include treating the world as a big community and being helpful in adverse circumstances. Farmers in rural areas in Punjab have excellent things to say about the efforts of Ferozpuria humanity club to end their struggles. Over the years, Ferozpuria humanity club has helped them with de-fencing and re-fencing activities, debris management, fundraising, etc. They believe farmers deserve all the support because it is impossible to survive without their efforts. “Farmers ensure food for all of us and we ensure that they don’t need to struggle for food”, says the president of the club.

Apart from carrying out relief activities after natural disasters, Ferozpuria humanity club also works to save children from trafficking and to reduce poverty. In the past, they have exposed illegal orphanages and helped reunite children with their families. They also work tirelessly to spread awareness about the cons of child marriages and child labor among people from rural areas. They believe that awareness can do wonders.

The club’s commitment to service is clear from its initiatives. The world would be a better placeif more people show such commitment. We wish for the world to abound with such kindness and hope that Ferozpuria humanity club continues to touch lives.

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