HHRD’s Efforts in Making Africa Sustainable

HHRD’s Efforts in Making Africa Sustainable

There is a long history of drought, famine, epidemics, and civil war on the African continent. An estimated 30 million people need humanitarian aid. In comparison, internal conflicts have displaced 9 million people in Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia. Weak harvests due to natural disasters have left 15 million people at threat of food scarcity in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.HHRD, with offices and team members in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania, is registered as an International NGO (INGO).

Skills Development Program

SDP is one of the best ways to promote self-sufficiency among people. HHRD is dedicated to offering training, coordinating artisans, producing goods, enhancing the quality of goods, and then selling these products in the local market. In total, 328 of them have been educated in Kenya and Somalia.

Educational Support Program

HHRD believes in empowering and educating young minds to nurture and prepare them for the future world. In this regard, HHRD’s efforts have been consistent for promoting and easy accessibility of education for people in Africa. HHRD had not established schools in Africa but also distributed school bags full of supplies amongst children. The School of Excellence of HHRD, located in Mogadishu, Somalia, offers education to more than 300 orphan students from grades K through 4.

Health Care Program

Due to frequently occurring famines, poor sanitary and hygiene conditions, healthcare facilities in Africa are worst. The number of diseases and death tolls are increasing with every passing day. HHRD has worked with the WHO and other organizations to severely affect people in crisis zones with much needed medical assistance. For instance, in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa, free of cost cataract eye operations have supported 1,050 individuals.

Orphan Support Program

HHRD continues to support and nurture young orphans for their betterment. HHRD has been able to keep hundreds of orphans with the help of various donors. Funded kids are entitled to receive school fees, supplies, pocket money, regular medical screenings, and psychological support for character-building. Endorsing donors receive their orphans’ complete educational success reports, medical reports, and communication with their orphans.

In-Kind Gifts Program

In-Kind Gifts are items and services that are distributed rather than monetary donations. HHRD regional offices conduct local In-Kind Gift drives.These drives allow residents to play an active role in humanitarian relief by either valuable contributing products or their time and efforts.

Water for Life Program

The availability of clean and safe drinking water is, to date, one of the major problems in the continent of Africa. In Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and Tanzania, HHRD has ongoing WASH projects that include latrines and hand rinsing areas that have supported 125 206 people. HHRD’s efforts have been consistent to facilitate the availability of fresh drinking water throughout the continent of Africa.

Although HHRD conducts many development programs and projects, including Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Healthcare, Orphan Assistance, Skills Development, and other related programs and projects. The African population is vast, and there is a lot that still needs to be done for humanitarian relief on the continent.

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