Hope in a New York State of Mind: David Rothman

Hope in a New York State of Mind: David Rothman

Beyond these four walls there’s life to find/ I think of hope, in a New York state of mind

These are a few of the lyrics that comprise multi-talented music industry veteran David Rothman’s new single, The Rap Knight. Writing against the backdrop of what has been a challenging year for all of us, David Rothman reflects on the joys of life in his early 30s, his friends and his family, and his ambitions for the future.

The Rap Knight is a refreshingly pure, simple, and straightforward track that provides a pleasant three-minute escape from the pressures of life, combining an expertly built soundscape, also created by Rothman, with simple and uplifting lyrics. Rothman talks about marriage and family with an almost childlike joy and pleasure that is contagious: “A lot to be thankful for in my life/ finally found that girl to make my wife/ family and friends all safe and sound/ this is our summer, time to get crowned.”

This is exactly the kind of art we need right now, art that is honest and straightforward, yet optimistic and upward-pointing. Rothman, in addition to being the writer and performer of the song, also expertly produced the music for the song, one note at a time, showcasing significant talent as a musician and composer. You can listen to the new single here.

Rothman explains,

“As a member of the Recording Academy it’s been a dream to get a chance to produce and release music. I’m looking forward to releasing more music in the near future. Music has always been a big part of my life… I first got into the industry by attending a lot of shows and was socializing with all people in the music industry. I got my Executive MBA and saw a gap in the industry, which was helping artists on the road. That’s when I decided to fill in that gap.”

As a businessman, David has also dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to philanthropic ventures behind the scenes.

Rothman explains his philanthropic work in an interview with Film Daily:

“UJA of NY is the world’s largest local philanthropic organization helping more than 100 non-profits around the world. Our mission is to help everyone and keep them united, right now we are contacting people via email due to the coronavirus, whereas we usually set up meetings in order to set our mission… In addition to that, I volunteer with Junior Achievement of New York teaching those less fortunate to become the next generation of Entrepreneurs.  I am also a District Advocate for the Recording Academy and work to make sure our politicians do what they can to help the Entertainment Industry.”

Rothman continues in his interview with Film Daily, “I am always volunteering for charities and helping teach young musicians and entertainers about the industry. I am also the incoming Co-Chair of UJA’s Young Leaders and joining the organization’s Board of Directors.”

Connect with David on his Instagram page.

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