How does a successful blogger earn money? The Negar Rokni, a famous Instagram Iranian blogger

How does a successful blogger earn money? The Negar Rokni, a famous Instagram Iranian blogger

 What does a blogger do?

If you look at the list of the most lucrative jobs in the world, one of them is being a blogger. Bloggers today have a very high income in the virtual world. In recent years, many young people have become interested in this job and have gone on to become bloggers in cyberspace.

You may think that blogging is easy and that you make good money every day with very little work. Of course, this thinking is completely wrong and you should not think that blogging is easy. Bloggers in Iran have been booming their business for several years and their number is increasing every year.

If you want to become a blogger but do not know where to start, it is best to know what your interests are first. A successful blogger must work in his or her field of interest, otherwise he or she will not be able to produce content for several consecutive years and stay in the job.

 These days, Instagram is not only a way to make money for famous bloggers, but also for ordinary citizens who have only a few more followers than other people on Instagram; Although their income does not reach the income of famous bloggers, it is enough to make a living, and in most cases they earn more than employees or workers.

 Some people consider blogging to be meaningless, which gives us no science, but it must be said that a blogger is an expert in his field and will not enter the field of practice until he is sure of his expertise. So it is possible for people who do not have a special background in that field to consider blogging products as meaningless if everything has its audience and criticizing people who are not specialized and unfamiliar with the content does not diminish the value of the blog.

 But in fairness, it should be acknowledged that blogging does not only have negative effects, but also its positive effects. Certainly, blogging is not a good job in general, so there may be people who have never lost their moral and humanitarian image, and who are both concerned with their income and the interests of the audience.

The capacity to be good and bad and to be affected by them exists in any society, and to be harmed or to be safe depends only on the individual himself and his understanding, and the power of authority cannot be ignored. Blogging may not teach us any science and it only promotes consumerism, but this is not the right justification, and perhaps promoting the right product or service or advice by a blogger has changed people’s lives and guided them in the right direction, so the positive effects of blogging should not be. In the daily life and work of people in the community.

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