How Maurice Kirby Paved His Successful Fast-Growing Career in Real Estate

How Maurice Kirby Paved His Successful Fast-Growing Career in Real Estate

Everyone knows that you start with small steps before growing your career into a total success. And to do that, you need a well-thought-out plan to get things done. But at age 18, Maurice Kirby didn’t have a solid game plan when he finally set foot in college. He even felt like he wasted two years and achieved nothing by messing around at this point in his life.

All he knew was having his eyes set on playing college football. So, how did he pick himself up and become one of Washington’s fastest-growing real estate agents? Plenty of factors helped bring him to the position he is today. 

Maurice Kirby’s Humble Beginnings

Maurice Kirby grew up in Lompoc, California, and lived in the same house until he was 18. While in college, he had only envisioned himself playing college football. But thanks to a marketing course he took, Maurice was able to make a career in the music scene and has worked for big names such as Bow Wow and 2 Chainz. He envisioned himself eventually moving to the management side of the music industry. 

One day, a new opportunity was presented to Maurice Kirby. His friend was brought into the NFL, and he received a call from him to help build his brand using his expertise in marketing. Maurice Kirby willingly accepted this opportunity, little did he know, this opportunity would eventually lead him to his path in the real estate world. 

How Knowing His “Why” Paved His Success in Real Estate

Maurice Kirby, states that as long as you know your purpose, you have no reason to not reach your goals.  For him, a thriving market like Tri-Cities presented him with several opportunities to grow. Considering that, his advice for people to realize their goals is to utilize every resource they have in front of them to the fullest. 

Making Sure to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Besides knowing his purpose or “why” in the real estate sector, Maurice Kirby also made sure to step out of his comfort zone and put himself in uncomfortable positions. After moving to Everett, Washington, he became an account executive that sold fiber optics to customers. 

Having lived in Lompoc most of his life prior to his success, moving to a faraway place indeed made him uncomfortable, he was miles away from his home, family, and friends. Fortunately, his career gave him so many opportunities to constantly interact with new people. 

Maurice admits that doing this made him uncomfortable at times since he had to meet face-to-face with his clients. This made him miss his family and friends even more. However, he took it as a form of motivation to further grow his career by buying several properties to lead him to success. 

Staying Curious

Maurice Kirby grew fond of interacting with people from all walks of life thanks to these new endeavors. This was precisely how he got himself into the real estate space. He shares that a client asked him to throw an event for him one day and paid him twelve hundred at the drop of a hat. 

This particular occurrence greatly inspired Maurice to take notes from his client, who was actually a real estate investor. After talking to this client and asking him how to get into real estate, he was encouraged to move to Tri-Cities to kickstart his career as a real estate agent. From there, he was able to make the right connections.

Up to this day, Maurice ensures to keep up this momentum by constantly meeting new people and, of course, staying curious all the time. In ten years, he hopes to be able to go back home and sell multi-million dollar estates back in his home in Santa Barbara. 

Final Takeaways

Overall, Maurice Kirby proved that it’s never too late to get yourself together. Despite “messing around” for two years, he managed to make the most out of the opportunities presented to him. He managed to become successful by translating the experiences he learned in all of his careers into his current job as a real estate agent. 

If you’d like to know more about Maurice Kirby and his day-to-day life, you can follow him on his official Instagram page here.

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