How Presdon Luczek Is Expanding The South Florida Real Estate Market

How Presdon Luczek Is Expanding The South Florida Real Estate Market

South Florida is well known to be an area that never sleeps. It’s known for it’s upscale restaurants, international sports, and amazing nightlife. Celebrities often go out at upscale clubs such as LIV, Mynt, E11EVEN, Bâoli, and much more. On the weekends, there are many exciting pool parties to attend such as Joia Club, 1 Hotel Wave Club, STORY, and much more. The scene is picturesque with beautifully crafted cocktails and views of the glimmering sunset over the Florida Bay. All these amenities coupled with the warm weather year round is driving a large number of residents to move into South Florida. For many folks this move means being able to experience warm weather consistently and the ability to leave tax heavy states such as New York and California. The growth in South Florida real estate is bringing in a new stream of buyers, who are increasing the demand on the availability for housing.

Overall, the South Florida real estate market is experiencing huge growth, with little headwinds. Leading the wave in South Florida real estate is Presdon Luczek, he brings extensive experience in luxury sales across the South Florida market. He has established himself as a market leader in exceptional service and has a proven track record of producing strong results. As the Executive Director of Luxury Sales in the Sports and Entertainment Division of One Sotheby’s International realty along Florida’s East Coast, representing $114 million in annual sales, with a global network of 70 countries. He is known as the go to person when it comes to complex negotiations and setting new unprecedented records. He has done many sales such as selling 3711 NE 31st Ave, Lighthouse Pt for $5.15 million, 13351 SW 36th Ct, Davie for $3.26 million, and 4253 Bocaire Blvd for $1.32 million.

Looking into the future, Presdon sees that there is a surge in the number of out-of-state buyers who are bringing technology and finance jobs with them to expand on the South Florida ecosystem. Additionally, Realtors are seeing a huge demand of buyers who hail from affluent areas in South and Central America. Many investors are looking to add their money into the South Florida real estate market. Folks see the South Florida area as a perfect opportunity to diversify their portfolios and hold money in an area where there is a less chance of upheaval. For local buyers, this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the low mortgage rates which are continuing to drive momentum for real estate transactions in 2021. There is a strong demand, coupled with limited supply that is driving price appreciation in North Broward, Palm Beach County, Miami Dade, and Martin County.

While no one has a crystal ball to determine how long this demand will continue, Presdon believes that this demand will continue to persist with more properties to come, which will affect pricing in the market. Overall, the future prospects for South Florida real estate look great. To learn more about Presdon Luczek and his team, visit his website.

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