How Helped Change an Online Retailer Forever With Automation using Image Recognition and Image Processing

How Helped Change an Online Retailer Forever With Automation using Image Recognition and Image Processing

Automate Inventory Management and Inventory Listing With Machine Learning 

In a recent project, We partnered with an online retailer to design and build a new solution that would allow them to automate inventory management and the inventory listing process using machine learning. With the uniqueness and precision needed to generate thousands of custom listings for inventory, they were looking for a way to simplify and automate most of the process to allow them to spend time growing inventory. Modern inventory for online retailers is becoming wide with lots of SKUs and lots of products, especially if you sell on sites like eBay/Etsy/Facebook, and for small businesses, it can be challenging when you have very custom products to move each one through the listing process.

Our Solution: built internal software with a custom image processing stack and image recognition tools that include deep image recognition and text recognition on product images

This allowed us to automate every step of the product listing process, from auto-editing images, scanning barcodes and labels for product information, to interpreting product types with computer vision, and still be flexible enough to allow user input if needed. Keeping in mind that many of the product images are incredibly noisy and often need custom auto-filtering to truly dissect all the information needed from a single image. On top of the machine learning stack, we leveraged this work and built a dashboard that allows users to monitor inventory and manually update to new requirements, cleaning up the backend inventory management and putting all these awesome tools in one spot. The software requires retraining only when new SKUs appear and can be done with a click of a button! 

Results: – Running this new software allowed them to reduce their total hours worked, as a company, by 22%, making them much more profitable and allowed them to spend that extra time and money building their business.  Everything from product listing (description/price/title/) completely automated after pictures taken, to better management the product listing cycle, all in a simple dashboard.

Want to see how you can automate 22% of your business with a single machine learning tool? Or see how you can build your own system to automate inventory management using machine learning?

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