How to Find Your Style

How to Find Your Style

Faizal Atcha, a 39-year-old entrepreneur shares 3 tips to discover the style suits you the most. Faizal Atcha is the founder of the well-known clothing brand of Lawung which spreads its products to over 29 countries all over the world. He has recently developed some interests in the music industry and he is expected to release the very first artwork of his soon.

Discover fashion stimulation

Faizal suggests that when looking for style inspiration, start with people whose style you esteem. Spend time on social media, and watch how celebrities dress, from casual costumes like crop tops and leggings to work-ready blazers and turtlenecks. Websites are full of style tips and inspiration, so find fashion bloggers whose style draws your attention and explore their archives for your favored outfits. If there is a celeb or an influencer whose style you like, attempt to find out who that celeb’s stylist is and look up to them for inspiration. “Fashion magazines are another great reference. Learn about additional style classes, and determine the ones you align with most,” said Faizal.

Make a style mood panel

A mood panel is an excellent method to create your style. Faizal Atcha added: “Once you’ve collected your fashion stimulations, assemble the photographs into a mood board. Although your inspiration touches all over the place, you might realize that many of your samples are wearing denim pants, maxi skirts, and tops with ruffles, which is still an overarching mood.” Select two or three pictures demonstrating the group’s aesthetic, and save those images on your phone to compare them when you shop.


Build a capsule sideboard.

A capsule wardrobe is a pack of basics that you can combine and compare to make looks without complications. He states that these traditional parts in neutral colors go with everything: a gentle black dress, a denim jacket, a solid-colored T-shirt, and a leather tote. Atcha added: “You might already own some of these in your wardrobe: Keep the ones that give you a great sense of gratification, and substitute everything else with basics that satisfy you.” These things may be superficial, but they will help you show off your impressive style by providing a basis for more compelling details.

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