How to Survive the Coronavirus Global Economic Crisis

How to Survive the Coronavirus Global Economic Crisis

The world has been plunged into an economic and healthcare crisis due to the COVID-19 virus which has spread all around the world, with almost a million and a half infections and nearly one hundred thousand of deaths and counting.  For several weeks, many countries have maintained a locked down policy, causing mass unemployment and deep recession.  Most experts, including Virologist Professor Fahad Al Tamimi, agree a vaccine for Covid-19 is between 12-18 months away.  

Collecting expert opinions and advice, we have created a guide to surviving the pandemic:

An immediate need for additional medical equipment – The Governments of the world must immediately decree the mass industrial production of millions of testing kits, breathing ventilators, masks, health supplies, and other medical support equipment.

Shortage of Staff – The Government should recruit millions of people to serve as support staff for the sick. Training centers should quickly be formed to train people in the required skills. Tens of Millions have already lost their jobs and are available to work. This will not only cut unemployment figures, but also support under-staffed hospitals and other key parts of the supply chain.

Active Virus Test Kits – The Government needs to fund the mass production of testing kits for early and immediate detection. This means that people can spot the virus early and go into full isolation, cutting down on the time they spend away from work.

Antibody & Massive Tests should be funded and rolled out. Anyone who is found to be immune allowed to go back to work. Too many people are self-isolating for no reason.

Population Control: Once there is quick test coverage of most of the population, the Government can use mobile phone surveillance to monitor the infected. This can inform them how long they have to quarantine for, warning them when they break isolation, as well as alerting non-infected to the presence of an infected.

Full Self-Isolation for People at Higher Risk – This includes over 70s years old, and those with pre-existing health issues.

Additional Facilities – Convert hotels into temporary corona hospitals or quarantine facilities, easing the pressure on hospitals and supporting the troubled hotel industry.

Mandatory Checkups – The Government should be ordering fever/temperature checks at every entrance to public places, airports, hotels, restaurants, shops etc. This is done in Singapore and Hong Kong very successfully.

Mandatory Hand Gel Everywhere – All public areas should have a steady supply of hand gel for anyone passing through, stationed at all exits and entrances.

Mass Production of Face-Masks – For a period of time, the wearing of face masks in any public area should be mandatory.

Research Budget for Vaccine and Medicine – Significant budgets and fast track programs urgently required to secure the necessary medicine and a COVID-19 vaccine.”

The most important is to STOP the siege of the economy and reopen it – By taking the above steps, there will be measures in place to prevent the spread of disease. There will also be enough medical care available to treat the infected people. People that recover will be immune to the virus and can return to normality, thus keeping the economy moving, businesses open, and trade lines active. The way the governments of the world are going now, we will soon see our economies crumble, and the healthcare systems collapse.

According to billionaire real estate tycoon Yakir Gabay, “Society cannot afford to be on house arrest without income for such a long duration of time, therefore immediate steps should be taken to put people back to work.  Mr. Gabay claims “Since the virus is primarily spread through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, employees should adhere to strict social distancing policies.  With the mandatory use of daily fever checkups, protective gear such as masks and hand gel, there is no reason to justify workers being quarantined in their homes”.

Yakir Gabay concluded “If governments continue to shut markets and close off trade, it will collapse the economies, create massive unemployment and the impoverishment of the populations which will cause more deaths than the Covid-19. .”

The solutions outlined here are shared by global businessmen, decision makers, and industry leaders to ensure the financial means are available to provide health equipment, care, vaccine research, and assistance to those who are sick.

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