How to tackle the obstacles in business – with Frankie Quiroz

How to tackle the obstacles in business – with Frankie Quiroz

Facing Obstacles Head-on

People who reach the highest levels of success do so by continuously leaping over obstacles and pushing back boundaries. Frankie Quiroz is no stranger to setbacks. He acknowledges that he has his fair share of hurdles that he had to hurdle through, from money problems to mental challenges that threatened to sap his motivation. There were so many times when he contemplated growing up, if not for his unique take on what these challenges were meant to do. The secret is knowing that these obstacles aren’t there to stop you. They are designed to push you to your limits so you keep improving your craft, your product, and your brand so you can come out on top. There were times when he felt so down because he was struggling emotionally, mentally, and financially. Fortunately, he had a sound support system among family and friends who believed in the potential of his brand and products, and he was able to bounce back.

What made you choose the clothing industry?

I’ve loved Streetwear and fashion at such an early age. The first spark that initiated the thought of one day owning a brand was through skateboarding. From there my passion only grew and I started to dab in my head into every other avenue of Streetwear. From music, graffiti, and b-boy dancing. I loved the culture and found the best way to represent it was through clothing.

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