IIT Delhi’s Artificial Intelligence Lab for Judiciary can resolve futuristic needs of the country – Says Rajat Khare

IIT Delhi’s Artificial Intelligence Lab for Judiciary can resolve futuristic needs of the country – Says Rajat Khare

Recently, IIT Delhi launched Universal Justice Foundation (UJF) lab facility on artificial intelligence for Judiciary, which was inaugurated by Justice S Ravindra Bhat.

This is the second time that the institute has undertaken an initiative for the legal domain with the first being the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Law and Technology. It is also said to be in the process of signing an agreement with the National Law University Delhi.

Talking about the recent initiative, Rajat Khare, an IIT Delhi alumnus opined, “The legal sector is undergoing a massive transformation and more so amid the pandemic. During such times, embracing new-age technologies like AI and machine learning has become the need of the hour.”

“This is a good step towards ethical use of AI. This will help in ensuring a speedy and ethical judicial system,” he added.

Mr. Rajat Khare is an AI entrepreneur and founder of the Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding. He invests in tech start-ups across the globe that have disruptive business ideas.

According to him, the potential of AI is boundless – from chief legal operations like case filings to hearings, it can transform the way courts are operated, for the better.

“Furthermore, AI-based tools can also streamline and accelerate the management of case-flows and bridge the existing gaps in the judiciary,” added Rajat Khare. This is not to say that the need of human intervention will be eliminated. Instead, the use of AI can serve as a support system for legal personnel and boost their decision-making processes and operations that they undertake, he said.

Technology has already made its way into the courts and significantly improved data management and replaced the otherwise time-consuming paper process. Hopefully, the new lab facility by IIT Delhi can make more such ground breaking innovations.

However, at this juncture, what is equally important is to ensure privacy and security – something that has always been a major concern in today’s tech-driven world.

When it comes to innovation and research, IIT Delhi has always remained at the forefront. Thus, the introduction of a lab facility for Judiciary can potentially be a watershed moment for both the legal sector as well as the institution.

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