IMEI Database Indicates the Vivo V40 Series’s Imminent Global Launch

IMEI Database Indicates the Vivo V40 Series’s Imminent Global Launch

Vivo introduced the Vivo X100 Ultra, Vivo X100s, and Vivo X100s Pro this week in China, adding to its flagship X-series lineup. The X100 Ultra is a high-end variant, whereas the X100s series is a more cheap version. Another update, Vivo debuted the Vivo V40 SE as the V40 series’ initial model in March. According to a tip from Gizmochina, the Vivo V40 was just discovered in the IMEI database.

Database for Vivo V40 IMEIs

Soon, the Vivo V40 series—which includes the Vivo V40, Vivo V40 Pro, and Vivo V40e—should be released. The IMEI database has verified the legitimacy of these marketing names. The new V40 collection is anticipated to prioritize cameras and aesthetics, especially appealing to millennials, in line with the previous V-series products.

The Vivo V40 Pro has been observed in the database under the model number V2347, although the V2348 listing pertains to the ordinary Vivo V40. Meanwhile, the model number B2403 is associated with the Vivo V40e.

It is anticipated that in August or September of 2024, the Vivo V40 variants would go on sale. The Vivo V30 series’ launch earlier this year was followed by this. Furthermore, it appears that there will be two variants of the Vivo V40 Pro—one with NFC and the other without—available for purchase on the website of UK carrier EE. But as of right now, the listing hasn’t revealed any further information.

According to reports, a Vivo V40 Lite is also reportedly in the works in addition to the Vivo V40 Pro, V40, and V40e. Model number V2341, and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity are features of this future model that was discovered through listings on Bluetooth SIG and the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

According to reports, Vivo engineers are evaluating the smartphone internally, raising the possibility of a processor and camera performance improvement.

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