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In Depth w/ Jake Geruson

In Depth w/ Jake Geruson

Jake Geruson is a freshman in high school but recognizes the strength of the family background he comes from. The young social media influencer is just a normal teenager but many others he’s someone in position of oppurtunity.

Geruson says that his parents influence him the most. But still, although he’s becoming a product of his environment he still finds inspiration in celebrities that he also aspires to be like.

The young influencer is big on goal achieving and notes being inspired by the likes of Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and Mr. Beast is what enables him to strive and follow suit.

“Although I look up to these people, I also feel being your own inspiration is the most important key. In reality, the only person you can compare yourself to (to see if your going in the right direction), is your previous self,” said Geruson.

The young and rising have many hobbies outside of what they are known for. They are still kids which Geruson highlights. His hobbies are “playing basketball and trampoline flipping” as well as “pizza and ribs” being his favorite meals to indulge in.

While Geruson may be younger than most, he still is attentive to “seeing others and not just what they do, but how they got in that position”.

To learn more about Jake Geruson, follow him on his IG @jake.ezz.

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