Is full-body hair removal necessary?

Frankly, removing body hair is a purely personal agenda. Whatever the effects of full body hair removal may be, it’s all on the individual’s wants and needs. But as always, removing body hair or not, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to it. 

Where women remove body hair to meet the standard beauty criteria, men wish to keep body hair to improve and solidify their male standards. Whatever style you prefer and feel comfortable in is a fundamental personal decision. 

Now, whether you understand the depth of this issue or not, rather than the person themself, other people have more to say about another person’s body hair. That unwanted perception of others greatly influences and pressurizes the person. That is why most women nowadays go for a 全身脫毛 (full body hair removal) procedures. 

Coming back to our matter of discussion, do you think full body hair removal (NO FOLLOW) is essential to an individual’s body? We will discuss some vital points whether you favor or are against this matter. 

Why is full-body hair removal NOT necessary?

A human body with visible full hairs is not a bad thing. As a human skin, your body hairs will grow. It’s nature. Average body hair growth is not a big deal. But it might be a medical condition if you get excessive body hair growth. Besides that, keeping body hair is quite beneficial to your health. 

Fewer chances of skin infection. 

If there is nothing to protect your skin, it becomes pretty vulnerable to skin infections, unknown cuts, skin diseases, etc. And skin conditions can be pretty dangerous if not treated early and adequately. Body hairs are a sign of good and healthy skin and protection from external abnormalities. 

The body releases more pheromones. 

A medical study found that one of body hair’s significant functions is releasing pheromones. Pheromones are known to attract opposite mates when released from the body. So, if you have full body hair, you can significantly attract and increase the opposite gender’s libido. 

 Armpit hair decreases chafing. 

Armpit hair dramatically benefits people who work out and do more physical activities. The armpit sweat will help reduce skin chafing and rashes, usually due to skin friction. While many prefer a clean-shaven armpit, little armpit hair does not harm. Instead, they moisturize the area. 

Retain normal body temperature. 

Human body hair reacts to changes in temperature. If you are cold, the hair stands up firm. The body hair tends to lie flat if you are warm and hot. That is a typical biological process. The position of the body hairs demonstrates if the person is feeling hot or cold. 

Why is full-body hair removal necessary?

In most cases, people get a full body hair removal to fit the beauty standards and meet the expectations of the unwanted crowd. For a healthy lifestyle, along with routine skincare, hair removal procedures have also become a part of it. 

It is your choice if you do not wish to remove your body hair. But know that excessive growth of body hair is not proper. Here are a few points to highlight the benefits of full-body hair removal. 

Better hygiene habits

Certain parts of the body produce more sweat. And having excessive hair on that part makes the area more sweaty and gives off a foul sweat odor. Removing body hair will be a good idea to maintain a hygienic status if you live in a humid place. Moreover, excess sweating leaves unwanted and unsightly yellow patches on clothes. 

Can follow up on instant plans

Males are always up for instant plans. But that is not the case for women. Why? Because most women love to dress up for occasions and plans. And undeserving societal norms want to see a woman’s body free of visible body hair. If you have leg hair, you cannot wear dresses and flaunt your legs. So, removing body hair benefits women by making them ready for instant plans. One can be comfortable and stay away from awkward encounters. 

Ways to get a full body hair removal

Hair removal methods are many. There are a few conventional methods and many new advanced procedures. From home remedies to clinical guidelines, the effects and outcomes vary. If you want to get rid of your body hair, here are a few ways to do so. 

  • Hair removal creams 
  • Shaving or electric shaving
  • Waxing
  • Threading 
  • Epilator/epilating
  • Laser hair removal 
  • Wet shaving
  • Depilatory creams
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) methods

Last words

This guide is not meant to encourage or discourage you guys from making a specific decision. Removing body hair is wholly a personal preference. While some do not like body hairs and hence remove them. Some remove body hair to meet certain expectations. And another set of people prefers to follow nature and retain full body hair. 

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