J Carlie on “music is life”

J Carlie on “music is life”

Music is like garlands , whose vibrations are like beads and thread is like musician ,one who discovers the beautiful set from the lap of universe ; and when we listen it and resonate ourself to the same set of frequencies , it hypnotizes us through to its charm and connects us to the universe and even to the discoverer i.e. musician. Music is a beautiful way of expression, which connect as through different shades of emotion.

A good musician notices the the details and delicacies of the music and bind us through it’s discoveries. At every moment he is in search of the sets of vibrations, through his keen reservations.

John C. Better known as J Carlie is young 25 year, emerging music producer and designer from Los Angeles. As the Western music world is better known for its versatility so he developed the connection to this world at early age. He started making music at the age of 10 by learning guitar bass and drums. By the age of 14 J Carlie started screamo band named ROBOT CIRCUS. He started to design his own arts. By the time, the young man got popular among other Punk rock bands that liked his arts and design, for whom he had designed some of the arts .

After achieving recognition in the field of music by being artist ,by the age of 15, J Carlie started producing musics. His keen and seeking attitude ,became inspiration to learn the meaning of Music and understanding more about different styles.

J Carlie started to get involved with the R&B & Hip-Hop music That Give inspiration. At the age of 17, he decided to leave everything to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles CA by his own. He is currently working with multi Grammy Producers and multi Grammy nominated artists & recently release a song with Paper Love called “Maybe We Are”.
He also had collaborated with Artists like Paper Lovee,Lil Gotit,Lil Xan,Souljaboy.

His dream is to make a positive change in this world with his creativity and genuine love.

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