Jaymie Gerena’s guide to a fulfilling life

Jaymie Gerena’s guide to a fulfilling life

When a dream is fulfilled, it is always a glorious feeling.” We can’t deny how happy we would feel when things align our way and we finally reach our goal. All those years and countless hours of hard work, struggle, and self-doubt finally blossoming into something extraordinary is a  feeling one can’t describe! Jaymie Gerena, a transformational coach, is a living example of “Dreams do come true.”

Growing up, Jaymie had her share of troubles that were quite intense and strong. A childhood that words couldn’t quite describe. As her resilience shined through, Jaymie decided to give life equal competition and emerge as a strong, bold, independent woman who faced her fears. Having had a traumatic childhood involving abuse, the loss of a sibling, parent, and poverty, Jaymie doubted her capabilities several times. But she had this small whisper of hope in her soul which is what kept her going. She often found herself at a crossroads where she was recovering from trauma and, simultaneously, wanted to help others recover from theirs. This marked the start of her transformational journey, where she realized “change starts from within.”

She recalls how she found her light in her darkest times when nothing felt possible. “It was in my darkest time I found my greatest identity. I had this divine encounter with courage.”, remarked Jaymie. The day she began to feel less sorry for herself, embraced her struggles, and chose to continue working no matter what was when she truly started to heal. Jaymie encourages her clients to not only be invited into the lives they want to create, but find meaning through the trials because they are what shaped us into the people we are today.

In a recent interview with Jaymie Gerena, she revealed what kept her going and changed the course of her life. This voice inside her head encouraged her to keep moving forward. “Keep going; you’re going to heal a lot of people one day,” the voice would tell her. Had she ignored that voice, she would have never been able to pull herself out of the darkness. It was a change of mindset and perspective that made her continue working towards her dream—Jaymie reiterates how dreams can come true if one is persistent long enough to make them happen.

Today she stands as a living example of how life may throw curveballs along your way, but it is us who finally get to decide if we want to continue or give up. She wants to remind people to embrace their inner child and let themselves dream big, again.

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