JJ Young :The King of Streets

JJ Young :The King of Streets

Hip-hop music has always emerged as a voice of the real street hustlers and the people who have been facing hardships since their birth.Rather than just spitting commercial rhymes, the hip hop artists have bars with deep messages encoded inside it.

Meet the real OG of the game JJ YOUNG, the 25 year old trapstar from Ohio,Columbus who has completely changed the music scene with his mind boggling entry in the industry.

His entry in the industry was quite peculiar and rather we could say that God had a strong motive to send him to serve the industry with his music.

Actually it’s an incident in Young’s life that he is still not able to come over and was a like turning point in his life.The 25 year old young guy witnessed a suicide in front of his eyes ,which traumatized him so brutally, that he took a pledge to make people free from such filthy suicide thoughts with the help of his music.

Rather than making a fairy tale image of world in his songs, he focuses on representation the true face of people, the dark side of the world ,of which people are afraid to talk about.

He is a strong believer, who always regarded GOD as his true companion in his all good and bad times.The boy is a lyrical gem who could easily pen down his emotions and execute them in an astonishing manner.

Every time when he had a crew, a team,a family of his friends, he unfortunately get deprived of them due to consequences. But the hustler never lose hope and single handedly built his music empire with his determination and will power.

His track ,’In the Air Night’ is just marvelous and an anxiety buster which can easily refuel one with full enthusiasm and willingness to live.

Why to beg for things if you can earn it?

JJ Young is a man of integrity who will definitely one day rule over the hearts of the people and would earn audience rather than begging!!!!

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