Kelby Dishman, The Houston Texas Unlikely Digital Hero

Kelby Dishman, The Houston Texas Unlikely Digital Hero

Earning his stripes by training and managing door to door sales teams for the better part of eight years, the words Kelby Dishman and persistent are synonymous.

After an entire year of almost making no money, Kelby picked up a stack of books on sales and leadership from Barnes & Noble, 26 in total. Books such as think and grow rich, how to win friends and influence people, and the four agreements.

Within six months he earned first top sales award, and like a bloodhound who’s nose perks up after a gunshot, it was a competition that he wanted to win.

During the next eight years, he managed teams of 10 to 15 and eventually offices of 25 to 30. Interviewing, hiring, training, inspiring, and managing people who have never done sales and making them beasts. Kelby Dishman is nothing short of a social media genius let alone a self preserved guru.

He then used that training to apply social dynamics online. 11 years later he found himself at the doorstep of Johnny Dang and CO where he spent the last two years. Bringing Dangs’ followers from 12k to 160k, YouTube to 37m to 270k and finally his Instagram from 800k to 1.7 million followers! Kelby did such a good job he caught the attention of Paul Wall and now does signed in management for Pauls’s Facebook and is currently planning the rollout of Pauls’s YouTube channel. Mr. Dishman’s future is looking bright, may I add I scheduled a consultation with Dishman and it went eye-opening & was worth more than I paid.

“Today we do the things others aren’t willing to do, so that tomorrow we may do the things others aren’t able to do”

-Kelby Dishman

If you want to get in on a consultation call with Dishman, his social media links are below.


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