Kevin Sacchi ~ A bewitching persona recognised as an Italian Social Media Manager

Kevin Sacchi ~ A bewitching persona recognised as an Italian Social Media Manager

When it comes to those who have seen many ups and downs in life but have attained a lot at a very young age then, among some prominent personalities Kevin Sacchi comes at the top. Usually, teenagers prefer studying and doing other stuff but he chose to segregate himself from the crowd. Be it is his chore or his passionate attitude towards the entrepreneurial realm is unbeatable.

Kevin Sacchi is an immensly young and talented 20 year old entrepreneur who is setting the standards for the young entrepreneurs really high. Kevin is recognised as one of the most important Social Media Managers in Italy, currently managing several companies, brands, shops, restaurants and for private individuals, such as public figures or artists, etc.  His life was not a bed of roses always. He had worked really very hard in his past to be on the stage where he stands right now. As a teenager he was bullied, he started training himself in order to fight back and Kevin joined Martial arts becoming the stuntman eventually for several films. He was also passionate for entertainment industry. He was on the side of advantage as he did a diploma course in computer science he made his way clear social networks understanding them better the mechanisms at a technical level. He is the public figure who is now recognised at world’s first “INKFLUENCER.”

Kevin was very determined since he was very young, to do something worth appreciating and influential on people all round the globe, and to present himself as an instance in front of the whole world. Sooner, realizing his amazing talents he rise out as a very disparate influencer and called “INKFLUENCER.” He is the world’s first INKFLUENCER, which is a parallel figure to an influencer inspired by the world of tattoos and inspiring the world with his passionate skills. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracadh, Nek etc. Wore the Inkfluencer brand. Tattooing is now a very crucial part of our society, presenting on our skin it is right to rely on competent tattooists, and for this reason they have decided to feel INKFLUENCER. He is reaching the 1 Million Fan club, who actively follow him. He also got featured on several International sites such as FamousBirthday, IMDB, imposing magazines such as WEBSTARS MAGAZINE (Panini publishing house), radio important, international Apps such as (Akinator) and on tv on sky 124 in the series ‘Impractical Jokers’. he is also the official creator of the international platform TRILLER (Music Video App) of 60 million users.

We wish him all the sparkling success in the way he is leading further.

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