Lawn Services Analyzed through Adam McManaman Eyes

Lawn Services Analyzed through Adam McManaman Eyes

Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville Co.

The Evergreen Lawn Care of Gainesville Co. is a family owned and operated business serving Gainesville since 2009. Evergreen’s mission statement reads “Our vision is to become the most reputable and honest lawn care company in Alachua County… by developing passionate, self-motivated teams that deliver consistent performance building loyal relationships with our customers”. Evergreen offers lawn maintenance, landscaping, mulching, pressure washing, irrigation, and other services.

Overall, a very well put together website that incorporates all facets of the lawn care business. With a few clicks, I can request any landscaping service and know exactly what I’m getting. The amount of detail put into each description of service offered is thorough and gives me a near complete understanding of what care is going to be provided. Evergreen sets their standard of service high, and that standard is equally reflected by the reviews left by customers. The website is encompassing and will likely answer customer questions without the need of calling in. The amount of detail put into the website created confidence that Evergreen will take care of all my lawn care requests.       

The transparency of customer satisfaction is evident and piques my interest. Evergreen’s focus is the customer and they have managed to create great lasting relationships with their base. The level of trust Evergreen offers appears to be on a personal level since the owner of the company, Doug, is the one making estimates. I would expect the quality of their lawn care to be like their exemplary customer service.

I did a lot of nitpicking to come up with what I didn’t like about Evergreen and their website. I had a much easier time listing the positive aspects and believe that Evergreen website and business model is worthy of emulation. With that being said, the customer testimonials were a nice touch at first, but after seeing them on every page of their site, they became diluted and repetitive. The testimonials should not be the main selling point of a company’s service.

All that glitters is not gold. With the overwhelming positive reviews and testimonials, I become uneasy only reading the praise. More balance within the reviews would go a long way in garnering my trust in that the quality of service is as great as it appears to be.

Evergreen’s Social Media

The Pinterest account is criminally under representative of a functioning social media account. The account has not been used in years and should not be attached to Evergreen’s website. Their Facebook is where their main social media presence is. They do a good job of creating a sense of community between Evergreen and the people of Gainesville through their posts. Many of their posts are to celebrate holidays and wish their followers well. Evergreen is attempting to create better relationships with their followers and are not solely focused on the business side of operations.

The active responses to questions and comments on their wall indicates that all the feedback they receive is heard. The account owner does a good job of clearing up any questions and is happy to give feedback.

The Facebook account did not give me a clear picture of their services and what makes them better than other lawn care services. Its friendly community wasn’t able to persuade me on the quality of work at hand. I would like to see more homes with attractive landscapes instead of posts wishing me a happy holiday.

Evergreen’s FB focuses on larger scale projects and neglects to advertise all their services. Their FB is not tailored to the customer base searching for personal lawn care services.  With no information of what services Evergreen offers available on their FB page, a viewer would be unaware that they do provide a multitude of services. It’s necessary for FB viewers to go to Evergreen’s website to understand their services. By making posts about larger projects and smaller projects, Evergreen would cater to a broader audience.

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