Lenney Leong on Being a Killer Young Entrepreneur

Lenney Leong on Being a Killer Young Entrepreneur

Lenney Leong is a young entrepreneur who has made it his goal to help companies who are stuck still using billboards and newspaper ads transition over to the 21st century. It has become very apparent that no company may succeed without the help of social media marketing and knowledge of the internet but many companies simply do not know where to start. Lenney founded Get Customers as a solution to that. Get customers is a well established digital advertising agency. Before earning his name in the marketing industry Lenney was a content creator. At the age of 17 he started a digital cooking academy that produced high quality cooking content. After taking only half a day to create a video, Lenney was able to bring in over 7.2 million views and more than 48,000 shares. After this achievement it was clear that he had promising skills which is when he moved onto a company called Mamasfuel, a lactation cookie company. His ability to reach an audience and utilize is what led him to later starting his agency.

This new agency took note of the already available channels of advertising and reworked them for modern day use. Just like a newspaper and billboard is used, Lenney uses social media to spread a company’s product or service. One of the most crucial parts of social media was the immediate access to feedback from your audience. By having a place where anyone from any place around the globe could contact you and share their experience, it allows companies to learn their weak points and improve on them. One thing that makes Lenney unique is that he is able to prioritize the value that online content provides. It has been proven that the value that a video brings to an audience will actually produce more sales than a video that was made specifically to close that sale. 

Since most companies try and make themselves accessible via the internet it is also crucial to be knowledgeable of Search Engine Optimization. The web is a large and intimidating place where websites get lost in the many pages available which is why Lenney stresses Search Engine Optimization. Through this method he is able to put his clients websites at the front center of their intended audience. Lenney has many other methods of maximizing a company’s potential but one of his most useful skills is focusing on his intended audience. When coming up with an ad concept he uses the same skills that got him millions of views before to make sure that he has the full attention of the intended audience in an effort to maximize sales. Such skill and knowledge seems like it would only come from years of experience yet Lenney is able to do such impressive work at such a young age and it is no doubt that he will continue on this path. 

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