Make Your Conference Bag A Perfect Tool For Marketing

<strong>Make Your Conference Bag A Perfect Tool For Marketing</strong>

Business delegates love goodie bags if they contain useful things. Coupons, plastic items, or magazines could be popular choices but are not appreciated by the attendees. On the other hand, a few terms of utility such as pen drives, a Parker pen, etc., can be a better choice at any time.

You can also consider this opportunity to be an excellent way for marketing your good name. With appropriate customization and ingenious ideas, you can turn your goodie bag for the delegates into a marketing tool. Here is what you can do and the items you should consider for goodie bags.

Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Delegate Goodie Bags

If you wish to use the delegate gift bag as a business tool, here is what you should keep in mind.

  • Never use cheap materials like plastic for making the bags. It casts a poor impression on the recipient’s mind.  
  • Try to use eco-friendly materials like handmade paper for crafting the bags.
  • Print your website or brand name on the bags without fail. It can be an easy way to remind the clients of your business for a long time.
  • The number of items you put inside the bag is less important than the quality of the gifts.
  • Try to customize each item you include in the bag.

Things To Include In The Bags

There are a variety of things that you can add to these bags. Some common choices include: 

Pen Drive

Who does not use a pen drive these days? Especially for professionals, pen drives are essential for keeping in touch with an enormous volume of files and records. Include a customized pen drive in the conference bag so that your clients remember you, long after the meeting is over. You can also load a small file carrying your business essentials in the pen drive.

Product Brochure

If you deal with products, include a brochure consisting of brief details of each of them. This will act as an easy recall for the clients attending your business conference. Make sure to design the brochure intelligently, highlighting the brand name and contact details on the cover page. An out-of-the-box design always commands more attention and curiosity.  

Office Accessories

Every professional uses office accessories. Choose to include items like pens, writing pads, staplers, etc., to make your gift bag more utilitarian. To cast an indelible impression, you can gift Parker pens and handmade paper pads.

You will find a wide variety of Parker pens available in the market at a varying range of prices. Pick any that suits your budget and your goodie bag will be loved by all.

Useful Gifts

Earplugs, travel-size kit bags, and neck pillows are some examples of value-adding gift items. Customize these items with your brand name and gift to the delegates. Every time they will use these, they will recall your company name.

In a nutshell, the goodie bags you give your delegates should be a complete package of sophistication and usefulness. A careful selection of items will ensure that your clients cannot throw away anything after the meeting.

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