Marketer Justin Korabi Explains How Influencers Can Boost A Brand’s Popularity On The Internet

Marketer Justin Korabi Explains How Influencers Can Boost A Brand’s Popularity On The Internet

Technology is evolving with time and every day the world is witnessing a new innovation in science. Internet is the most basic amenity of every individual and has been advancing over the last few years. In today’s era, many global brands and celebrities have gained immense popularity, thanks to the internet. One name who has created a rage in Hollywood is Justin Korabi, a reputed name who is responsible behind branding/marketing the most renowned nightclubs, restaurants and events in the world including SBE’s Hyde Sunset, Nightingale Plaza, and Maxim Hot 100 Party. “Digital branding is necessary to connect to a wider audience. Apps like Facebook and Instagram have become the best sources of making money today”, he said.

Getting into marketing and branding was not an easy task for Korabi. He went all out and built strong connections through networking which involve the biggest celebrities/influencers. Networking has helped him build great contacts that he very often socialises with influencers, actors, models, musicians, gamers and YouTubers when at his parties. “As per my understanding, everything is going digital. Right from shopping, to ordering food or even medicine, everything is just a click away. There are innumerable brands and e-commerce websites which need to be marketed properly. According to my thought, influencers have a great impact to the audience as collaborations with other bloggers/influencers can boost popularity of the brand on social media”, added Justin.

He believes influencers are the next big thing who will gain much popularity throughout the coming years. He has been using Instagram majorly to brand venues and events by associating with well-known influencers, brands, music labels and industry leaders. Apart from being an exceptional marketer, he also owns SOPHODES, a boutique streetwear brand for women. Before choosing the way of entrepreneurship, he worked as a partner with www.grillz.com, a leading name in jewellery manufacturing. Today this young man has built a strong quantity of contacts from different fields while having hosted various large events/parties for many A-listers in Hollywood.

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