MC Kinin : a reputed name in the music industry, thanks to his amazing music tracks

MC Kinin : a reputed name in the music industry, thanks to his amazing music tracks

It’s difficult for people to establish a solid presence in the industry in a world crowded with musicians, singers, and artists. With his talent, MC Kinin has established himself and received incredibly positive industry comments.

MC Kinin is an independent tamil rapper, musician, and lyricist who was born and raised in South West London on December 11, 1996. His incredible music tracks and visuals have helped him establish a solid reputation in the music business. The most viewed song out of the six that Kinin has ever released is “Nadiye Reprise,”which has received more than 150K views. His songs have helped him build a 10k family on Tik Tok, as well as the same on Instagram. He has also given outstanding live performances in Germany and the UK.

At a very young age, Kinin initially learned about Tamil rap, and he began rapping around the age of 12. When he was younger, he and his cousin Danu made music on a laptop for fun. He stated that his first song was officially recorded when he was 15 years old. Since then, he has irregularly posted music videos for songs to Soundcloud and YouTube. In addition to everything else, he has also uploaded his music to Spotify as MC Kinin. He wants to be more consistent with his tracks, therefore he’s trying to put out as much music as he can.

Even though Kinin has a number of songs recorded, he has only released six of them. His first official music video song, “Singari Sarakku,” was made available in 2019. The club-oriented tune received a tonne of compliments from other listeners and amassed 10k views across various social media sites. Kinin’s “Taj Mahal” is a Tamil theme song whose beat was created by MJ melodies and whose rap and lyrics were penned by him. On a number of sites, “Taj Mahal” has also received a great deal of favorable praise.

Being a very creative rapper and artist who infuses originality into his songs and videos, Kinin has already established a solid reputation for himself in the music industry. His numerous ongoing projects will undoubtedly result in a major increase in the volume of music released this year. We wish him the best of luck with his upcoming endeavours. To learn more about his music, visit his Instagram profile.

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