MediaTek Set to Launch First Premium Smartphone in US Market This Year

MediaTek Set to Launch First Premium Smartphone in US Market This Year

With a few exceptions that use Samsung’s Exynos chip, most Android phones sold in the US are powered by Qualcomm chipsets. On the other hand, a wide range of smartphone brands provide devices with MediaTek hardware at various price points. A MediaTek-powered phone is expected to launch in the US this year, as MediaTek confirmed during its Analyst Day event, which will soon change the Android phone landscape in the country. It’s particularly significant that this phone will be high-end technology rather than an entry-level or mid-range model.

In Development for the US is a high-end MediaTek Phone

A high-end smartphone with MediaTek embedded will launch later this year in the United States, as seen above. Sadly, no additional information regarding the device was revealed by the chipmaker. The brand whose MediaTek-powered phone will launch in the US in 2024 is still unknown.

November of last year saw the release of MediaTek’s most recent flagship chip, the Dimensity 9300. It is first available on the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro phones. The overclocked D9300 variant, the Dimensity 9300 Plus, will be unveiled by the Taiwanese chip manufacturer on May 7 in China. A has it that the first phones with it will be the Vivo X100s and X100s Pro.

In October of this year, MediaTek is anticipated to make an announcement regarding the Dimensity 9400 chip. It might be a 3nm chip with the upcoming Cortex-X5 CPU core from ARM. The new chip will probably be found in the Vivo X200 series. The Oppo Find X8, which appears to be the company’s next flagship phone, will also run on the chip. Whether any of these gadgets reach the US market this year is still up in the air.

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