Meet the Entertainment Lawyer & TikToker Nidalodean.

Meet the Entertainment Lawyer & TikToker Nidalodean.

We live in the modern era, where the whole world is digitally connected to each other, reachable on our fingertips. We enjoy the liberty of networking too freely. Thanks to social media, people share thoughts, keep up with each other’s life, manage businesses, and personal profiles. Many people are highly influenced by the lifestyle of the celebrities, famous personalities and people in the entertainment industry who have taken over the on social media space. A social media influencer is someone who has established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations

Among such people who became famous social media influencers in very short time is Nidalodean. Nidalodean is the Pakistani-American celebrity Influencer based in United States Of America. Her real name is Nida Maqsood and, she was born in United Arab Emirates to a Pakistani family. Her family moved to USA, and she had her early education in Kansas City. Later, she studied law in Florida and currently she is based in Los Angeles. After years of failing and constant struggles that she faced, she became a California Licensed Attorney, which is a huge achievement for an immigrant American.

She earned her Juris Doctorate from a law school in Florida. Influencers often inspire or guide the actions of an audience and upscale inspirational promoters of a go-getter way of life. Nidaloadean is a brand herself promoting the things she loves, like clothes, skincare, hairstyles etc. Living in different cultures made everything about her unique. She loves to share her life on social media with her followers. She wants to inspire women to feel free and show their true inner self and live the life they want, how they want it to be, free from judgement based on race, color, gender or choices.

Nida has worked with many women shelters in Los Angeles and has helped women with their job applications, child custody issues and divorces — helping with resumes, donating clothes/ makeup, building up their confidence, so they can have a fair chance at life. She is an Entertainment Attorney specializing in Civil Litigation. Her goals include to run a non-profit organization for women and plant water wells in countries of need.

In short, Nidalodean is one of the best celebrity influencer of our time. She is very active on social media like Instagram and TikTok where she has over 1+ million followers. She is an inspiration for women who follow her lifestyle to be successful like her. She wants to change the way women are portraited in our society, and bring upon positive & fair opportunities for all!

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