Netflix’s Ultimatum – Madlyn’s Nice Diamond Engagement Ring

Netflix’s Ultimatum – Madlyn’s Nice Diamond Engagement Ring

The Ultimatum, a Netflix show which began airing on April 6th, followed an experiment to bring together six couples on the verge of breaking up and then to split them apart so they can pair-off in new combinations.

The show aimed to see whether these couples could discover something lacking within their original relationships. Would they realize how good they had it and finally propose?

Fueled by copious amounts of free alcohol and close proximity, many pairs dabbled in intimacy, arguments, and questionable moral decisions. Amid all this were couple Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger. The two seemed more destined for a break-up than a proposal.

Instead, Kissinger shocked audiences with a perfect ultimatum – he asked Madlyn to marry him right there and then on the show. Luckily for Colby, she responded with a yes.

Fans who expected a rocky end instead of an engagement band let loose on Twitter. Colby was committing to the relationship, with both a ring and an officiant on standby.

Viewers of the program requested more info about the bride’s beautiful diamond ring that graces Madlyn’s finger on her Instagram. Thus far, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information divulged.

Diamond bands are the ubiquitous statement of love and devotion, of course, and people spend a lot of time looking for that perfect stone. There are lots of things to consider, and for those who want to get the best deal for the money, it often begins with the grade of a diamond.

Stones almost always come with a certification—usually from authorities like GIA or AGS. However, many people are unaware that these pieces of paper don’t always hold a lot of weight. There are plenty of inaccuracies in the appraisal process, which is imprecise at best.

Gemologists at labs view stones under various magnifying devices and write down their opinions about each quality of the “4Cs.” This stands for Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight. But the problem with opinions is that all people have their own, so this process is all very subjective.

Eleanor Reese is a senior executive at Gerard Thoreau, Ltd., a jeweler outside of LA. While preparing for a convention in Las Vegas this month, Mrs. Reese explained that certification authorities make mistakes. “Every lab that issues a certification is liable to view the grading differently,” she said.

“We buy in bulk, so our stones always go through at least two independent labs for evaluation. Discrepancies happen all the time, so we are extremely careful about second or third opinions.”

Technology finally has an answer, and it comes from a service offered by Sarine Technologies. This company is an industry leader in “diamond tech,” offering lots of innovations including a traceability technology that serves as proof of provenance from ethical mines.

In 2021 Sarine launched a fully automated, state-of-the-art certification lab. It features robotic scanners that use artificial intelligence and high resolution 3D imaging to scientifically grade diamonds.

Not only does this tech exceed tolerances of any lab in the world, but it provides an evaluation of properties over and above the 4Cs, including attributes of light performance and granular analyses of inclusions.

These extra details are important because they affect the purchase price and resale value of a stone. Since it’s completely automated, the service is inexpensive and very fast.

Nigel Marks is a big fan of eGrading. Marks is the purchasing manager for Cielo Capi, which makes fine jewelry for leading department stores. “Electronic grading means that we don’t need to keep getting different opinions from labs like AGS or GIA,” he explained.

“You can’t beat technology when it comes to accuracy. The turnaround is a lot faster, as well. Basically, this is going to do away with the human element of subjective opinion.”

Madlyn’s ring appears to have a double band with pavé accent stones and a modest-sized oval or pear-shaped stone. It’s beautiful and quite subtle. There’s something about its understated elegance that could be more appealing than a larger stone.

There is another possibility. Many women wear their engagement rings together with a wedding band, in which case it might only appear that the it’s double banded. If it is actually two separate rings, they look like a matching set.

In time fans of the show will undoubtedly see some better ring shots, but as for right now, the couple is more focused on caring for their new baby girl. Madlyn’s pregnancy was announced during the show’s reunion. Congratulations to the proud parents.

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