Not Your Average Club DJ: Meet DJ Greg S Who Is Changing The Space With His Phenomenal Skills

Not Your Average Club DJ:  Meet DJ Greg S Who Is Changing The Space With His Phenomenal Skills

Ever thought about the life of a DJ? Is it just about lavish parties, going to the club, drinking, and waking up the next day to repeat the same? You might be in for a surprise after knowing the story of DJ Greg Somlok.

Greg S is 21st century’s leading music DJ who is revolutionizing the way people have fun at parties. His music mixes illuminate the ambience and make the crowd feel other-worldly. However, Greg Solmok’s life is not restricted to partying, drinking, and repeating the same chores each day.

Greg S is a passionate and focused DJ who dedicates sufficient time to perfect his craft. Since 2013, Greg has taken some time out of his schedule to reflect back on his musical performances at events and evaluate how he can make himself better. He’s definitely not your average club DJ. 

Greg’s extraordinary skill set has allowed him to party alongside some of the world’s biggest names such as Snoop Dog. He performed with the hip-hop greats in the past at Up & Down venues. Greg Somlok has also been invited to concerts, musical nights, clubs, and bars in Miami, Las Vegas, and many other cities.

If you wonder what DJ Greg’s performances are like, head on to his YouTube channel ‘Greg S’ and watch the video titled ‘Dancing For a Cause’. It is a one night musical concert event that Greg was the DJ at and all the receipts from the event were donated to humanitarian causes.

Apart from being a Disc Jockey, Greg S is also a humanitarian and philanthropist. Once again, he is definitely not your average Club DJ. His upcoming projects include a performance at the Tomorrowland venue which has been his dream.

Greg Somlok is one of the finest DJs on the planet and there’s no doubt about it. You can know more about him by following him on Instagram @itsgreg.s 

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