Nurture Yourself with Imperfections – PHOTOWALE

Nurture Yourself with Imperfections – PHOTOWALE

As quoted above no one’s life is as perfect as they want but with time they nurture themselves with all the flaws within them and the journey of PHOTOWALE started with such imperfections…but as it is said if u have enough courage within yourself to do something no one can ever stop you in your way. The journey of PHOTOWALE was all sudden and started back in 2016 when Yuvraj’s dream shattered of becoming an artist and he started with all the problems one can think of. The very first of his work was his friend sisters marriage and it was in between the bridge one side friend and another side newly started work but if he would not have taken the risk that time I guess PHOTOWALE would not have been what it is today and he started with all the power and positive vibes within himself and for videography he found one of his known videographers and for photography, he hired someone else along with him everything was going good before halfway when I was ditched out from that one individual(Photographer that he hired). He wasn’t carrying any kind of equipment such as no camera no lights and no stands and for some point, he thought of dropping this work because it was not possible in such short time to manage everything but without failing he put all my heart and managed everything in a short period and within half an hour he somehow managed to get a camera and started snapping pictures and you won’t believe in me but he snapped every single picture in auto mode….after packing up he was not at all expecting a good review as he did everything in such a short period but when photos were out the results were all shocking for him cause the pictures were pretty much liked by everyone and the only thing that said about his snaps was that “in every photo, the emotions were captured beautifully” and they can be preserved lifetime and journey of PHOTOWALE all started from there…

Eventually in starting PhOTOWALE didn’t started with a huge banner they were not really paid for their every work.. but everytime we tried to do something new with all our knowledge and skill that we had at that time time passed with Photographers and videographers renowned editiors also joined the team and that’s when a proper company of PHOTOWALE started from there..

It’s not only about Wedding rituals that we capture..apart from shaddi sagas we have done Fashion Portfolio shoot of Our stars of Bollywood such as Sanjay Mishra,Pankaj jha,Kranti Prakash Jha and sezzling Neetu Chandra..
We’ve also captured wedding rituals of our prouds from Bihar Deepali Sahay and Aishwarya a first and foremost studio from Patna we too have done our work internationally and it was the pre-wedding of a very know artist Amit Dhawal…

Including ourselves in social work we’ve done shoots on the issues such as Girl child,molestation and on the issue of Trangenders..
We do shoot free of cost for all those economically backward families who somehow aren’t able to memorise their daughters marriage….

Being successful is easy but having all the imperfections in the journey of success is much more powerful.

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