Paloma Rush Chats New Single “Si Tu Regresas”

We caught up with LATAM pop singer Paloma Rush who has released her latest single ‘Si Tu Regresas’ and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. 

Welcome to Verna! Tell us about your song ‘Si Tu Regresas’?

I wrote this song about that toxic lover trying to get back together. The song is about having healed and moved on and giving the toxic lover a hard pass on a second chance. 

What is the inspiration behind the lyrics?

I write songs from personal experience. It’s an amazing feeling when you finally get over someone enough to tell them “no” when they try to come back. Every break up hurts like hell but makes you that much stronger. 

Tell us the story behind the songs process – beat first or lyrics?

I have scores of song titles and lyrics in my head at all times. So, when I hear a beat that moves me, I write a melody in my head and often times it’s accompanied by lyrics that fit the mood of the beat.

What are some of the instruments you chose within the beat?

Typically, I’m always a fan of extra percussion and lots of vocal harmonies. On this particular track I was mostly involved in the vocal melodies and harmonies. 

What can fans expect from the music video?

The music video for ‘Si Tu Regresas’ is visually stimulating because we chose a moving psychedelic black and white background and a desert scene. It is sexy, empowering, and exciting to watch. I had so much fun filming. 

Where was the music video filmed?

We filmed at AR Wall in Burbank CA. They just wrapped on ‘The Muppet Haunted House’, and the AR Wall sound stage was available for mu music video. 

What were some of the highs and lows of making this new song?

Well, the song was originally written for Sech, a popular Panamanian artist. Raymond Jones (producer) and I had an insider pitching the song to him, and his team passed on the song. So, you could consider that a low. But it happens all the time. Artists get so many songs pitched to them. A song has to be just what they’re looking for if they pick it up. I liked the song so much, I suggested we flip it and make it a Paloma Rush song. Raymond was on board with that plan so that’s exactly what we did and I’m happy with how it turned out. 

What do you hope your supporters will think of the new song?

I’m hoping they will want to dance and I’m hoping it provides inspiration and strength to anyone in a similar situation.

What advice can you give other artists in the music industry?

A lot of us have jobs while we pursue our music career. I would advise having a job in the music industry somehow, so you’re never torn between music and work. 

Official Music Video:

‘Si Tu Regresas’ is now available on all digital music platforms. Listen on Spotify.

You can check out her music on Spotify, Instagram, Website,  or YouTube

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